Cory Booker Says He Hit His $1.7M Campaign Fundraising Goal

September 30, 2019 bcic_admin 0

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker says he’s hit the $1.7 million fundraising goal he set for his campaign about a week ago, ensuring he has enough money to continue his White House bid. Booker says on his website he’s “proud of this grassroots team — thank you.” The…

Jazzy Report: This Could Stop Male Balding

September 27, 2019 bcic_admin 0

There’s a hat that can combat male balding. This hat has a patch in it that creates electricity on its own and is stimulated by movement. In a study performed on one man and it proved to be successful. The man reportedly was able to regrow hair in only one month….

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