27th Annual Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast…A Great Success!!


27th Annual “Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast

A Great Success!!

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, the Black Community Information Center Inc. (B.C.I.C.) sponsored the 27th Annual “Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast at the Roxbury Community College Student Center Dining Complex in Roxbury Massachusetts.  It was an excellent event that was very well attended by members of the community from all sectors of our daily spectrum who enjoyed the informal “family reunion,” renewed old acquaintances along with a great program and good food.

The theme of the “Malcolm X Breakfast” was “Afrikan People Strong”.  Our featured guest speaker, Minister Akbar Muhammad the international representative for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam present an inspirational message. His message revolved around the theme of the day and put special emphasis on our history as an Afrikan people. He went on to discuss the need for our people (Afrikan/Black) to come together in the name of unity (Umoja) and the critical importance of our linking up with our Brothers and Sisters on the Continent of Afrika.


The awardee segment was very special in that the recipients were quite deserving of the “Malcolm X Achievers Award for Community Service.”  The awardees were William Murrell, recipient of the award representing to an “Elder” of our community; “I Too Am Harvard representing the “Youth” of our community; Allan’s Formal Wear representing a “Business” in our community; Ericka Florence representing “Women” of our community and “Tim Pitts” representing Men of our community; Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts representing an “Organization” of our community giving their best in community service.

We were also pleased to have on the program, Rosalie Placid, singer/song writer who sang the Black National Anthem; David France, renowned violist and student of the Roxbury Youth Orchestra provided a violin recital impressing the audience with the skill of the student who found pleasure learning to play the violin.  The Jah Jah Drummers and the young dancers from the award winning Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts led by founder, Sister Andrea Major provided additional performances.

Most importantly in regards to this historic event is the fact that it is owned by and controlled by you the community. The B.C.I.C does not solicit outside funding and utilize ticket sale monies raised to fund the entire event.  A very special appreciation to members of the B.C.I.C. past and present whose dedication and hard work have made the “Malcolm X Breakfast” possible for all these many years with more to come. The same to Dr. Valerie Roberson, newly installed president of Roxbury Community College (R.C.C.). In addition, a special appreciation and acknowledgement to the community of RCC which has supported the “Malcolm X Breakfast” since the very beginning!



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