Racism Means Afrikan/Black People

Black Lives Matter

“Can’t Breathe” In Boston!!!!

2014 marked the year wherein the assassination of Afrikan/Black men by police became a major topic of public conversation all across the country. It was ignited by the murder of eighteen year old Michael Brown by a white killer cop named Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. Shortly thereafter you had the killing of Eric Garner in New York, who in his last gasp for life, cried out “I can’t breathe,” which has become the rallying cry at protests against police killing of Afrikan/Black men. Unfortunately it appears that this murderous practice has become epidemic in nature.

Now lets be clear that the killing of Afrikan/Black men is not a new phenomenon as the original police organized in this country were called “slave catchers” during slavery. The primary mission of these groups were to do just what their name implied and that was to hunt and capture runaway slaves. The then named “slave catchers” evolved into what is now known as the present day police force. The major problem is that history has shown that the police “serve and protect” white people, while in most instances they “observe and oppress” Afrikan/Black people. Lets be clear that Boston is not innocent in that regard as several Afrikan/Black men have been victims of “police use of deadly force” in this city through the years. A classic example would be one Mark McMullen who was chased out of Roxbury by a Boston cop who was joined by State and Rockland police on Interstate 93 South. McMullen was then cornered by forty cops in Rockland, Mass. and shot down in cold blood by the Boston cop who remains on duty and was a recent medal recipient.

Many demonstrations against police violence have been held in Boston and in other cities such as Ferguson and New York. However, it is may expectation that the protest energy will go the route of the “occupy” campaign that was short lived. We go from one tragedy to another with the only response being slogans such as wearing “hoodies” and chanting “hands up” and “I can’t breathe.” We must keep in mind that racism in the police system is institutionalized and cannot be changed. Meetings arranged with police commissioner Evans and district attorney Dan “coverup” Conley are only meant to serve as instruments to “calm the natives” if you will!!! The strategy of the Boston mayor Martin Walsh is to seek out the “Negroes” who are willing to reside on his downtown plantation to get instructions and then do their “Bo Jangle” dance out in the community.

Lets be clear that racism is very much alive and well in Boston. The bricks being thrown at our children during busing have now been replaced with inferior education for our youth, imprisonment, unemployment and of course oppressive tactics by the police. Due to these many factors, Afrikan/Black people “can’t breathe” in the City Of Boston!!! The only solution to our problems is to embrace a “do for self’ mentality and course of action to have our own and not depend on anyone else for our existence!!!



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