African Freedom Institute (AFI)

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What is African Freedom Institute

The African Freedom Institute (AFI) is a program under the Black Community Information Center, Incorporated (BCIC).  AFI intends to bring to bring to the global society the true essence of African contributions to world civilizations.  AFI will focus on repairing the broken link of history culture and traditions in order to improve the quality of life and image for African, African American / Black People in modern society.


Throughout the ages to these modern times Black People have been systemically suppressed due to unjust laws, policies and practices which have effectively created the perception of Black People as lacking “intelligence, non productive an bad”.  The deliberate promotion of these false perceptions has created a repressed social status and wide spread demoralization which has resulted in the formation of a code of acceptance to resemble the majority western culture.

AFI Mission

People of African descent establishing independent educational pursuits that build and sustain “African and African American” identity for all generations.

      “Identity refers to the enduring aspects of a person’s definition of him-or-herself, the conception of who one is and what one is over time an across situations.”


Rites of Passage

Awakening is the core curriculum which include comprehensive education of factual African / African American history.  The program will engage in the transformation of consciousness and will provide the impetus for participants to reclaim their history and form a more positive identity.

Course Content Includes:

  • African History
  • African American History
  • Nutrition / Health
  • African Meditation
  • African Language
  • African Drumming
  • Nguzo Saba / Seven Principles of Kwanzaa
  • Art / Music / Public Speaking


By joining and supporting AFI you will enable the program to gain roots and grow.  Membership entitles you to program discounts, community businesses discounts and more.

Adult Age 36-59 $30.00
Young Adult Age 18-25 $15.00
Children/Teen Age 5-17 $10.00
Elder Age 61+ $25.00


Course Descriptions and Costs, Locations and more information are forthcoming.  Interested participants and interested Teachers, Consultants, Dance & Fitness Instructors, Art Teachers can contact:  Ms. Placid at 617-427-2522 and/or email:

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