Anti-Racism Fraud – AKA – The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

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The Alleged Anti-Racism Fraud
The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) is a state agency that was established with a mandate to combat racism in various arenas, whether it be education, employment, etc… Although well intended at its inception, I have encountered many individuals of color through the years who shared their horror stories that were racial in nature, while seeking justice through the MCAD. Many of those stories involved incompetency and a lack of transparency. Well now I can relate as I will share my own personal horror story as it pertains to involvement with MCAD. It all began on June 5, 2013 wherein I received a telephone message from Saint Clement High School in Medford, Massachusetts, which is where my grandson was completing his sophomore year of high school. The school secretary informed me that there had been an “incident” involving my grandson and the school principal “needed to meet with me.” Upon my arrival I was expecting a discussion with a professional in the field of education. Instead I encountered an angry white male who stated that my grandson had “threatened” him and was “no longer welcome here.” Due to his improper demeanor, I did not pursue the conversation as his response was quite rude in nature and indicating that there was more to the story and something was clearly amiss.

After further exploration it became very clear that the “incident” was in reverse and the principal had actually approached my grandson in a menacing manner. Apparently he began yelling at my grandson after school for being at his locker to get his books to go home, in spite of the fact that many others (primarily white) were doing the same thing. A distance away, my grandson muttered something under his breathe (no expletives) and was menacingly confronted in a street like manner by the principal who declared, “if you have something to say then say it to my face!!” Not quite what you would expect to hear from an alleged professional who runs a school and is supposed to be a role model.

In realizing his mistake, the principal created a fabrication (lie) to blame my grandson and protect his professional career. The end result was my grandson being “expelled” and humiliated in front of his fellow students in spite of the fact that he had done nothing wrong. Once I discovered the truth, I approached the priest in charge of the parish who then proceeded to construct a “cover-up for the improper actions
of the principal. However, he could not produce a single witness or any documentation to support the principal’s version of the matter or to refute my grandson’s side of the story. The parish priest then started to offer me deals such as “helping to find a new school” for my grandson, “reducing the penalty,” “no penalty and good standing,” all of which I refused knowing my grandson had done nothing wrong. In spite of the school in fact acknowledging “no wrong doing,” they proceeded to declare that my grandson “could not return under any circumstances.”

After exploring various legal options to consider, it was suggested very strongly that I file a complaint with the MCAD. The agency was resistant to take the case in the beginning due to a “smokescreen” statute pertaining to the “jurisdiction” issue. MCAD claimed to have “jurisdiction” only in public institutions and none private. I then became suspicious that MCAD was in fear of having to confront the catholic school system. MCAD in an effort to stifle my desire to seek justice for my grandson referred me to other agencies in the state and federal system. Those agencies referred me right back to MCAD who reluctantly took my complaint on March 11, 2014. MCAD went through the expected protocol of an alleged review of my complaint in behalf of my grandson. The complaint was denied with the understanding that I could “appeal” their MCAD “sham” decision. I was informed via e-mail that after further review, their investigation had “determined that the case would not be pursued” due to the “jurisdiction” issue. That unto itself was a contradiction in that MCAD claimed they could not investigate any further due to the once again stated “jurisdiction statute” but then contend after my “appeal” that their investigation prevented them from pursuing the case any further. Apparently there was no investigation and yet they claim that as the basis for their dubious conclusion.

So you have a State agency, MCAD with a so-called mission to contribute to the eradication of racism in society, yet my grandson can be racially discriminated against by a vindictive white man who goes about his business (racist) unscathed!!! It is a good thing that MCAD was not in charge of handling the catholic priest
sexual abuse scandal investigation. I assume that due to the “jurisdiction” issue there would have been no prosecution of the guilty parties due to the fact the priests were employed by the private entity known as the catholic church. In my estimation the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination is a chaotic mess and
joke that is in need of a mission overhaul to give themselves some direction. In its present state, I would suggest they consider changing their name to the MASSACHUSETTS COWARDS AGAINST DECISIVE ACTION (MCADA)!!!!



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