PODCAST: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Recap Show S1 Ep 1

January 20, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Welcome to ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ Recap Show! From our binger’s choice you’ve selected this series for our recap series and we’re starting with season 1 episode 1. Beware this is a spoileriffic episode, so feel free to watch the series along with our recaps!  Hosts: Angelica and RyanneMusic by: SammusEdited by:…

Kyra Jones Gets Real about Her Web Series ‘The Right Swipe’

January 20, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Kyra Jones is the co-creator of The Right Swipe. This web series has a lot to offer many marginalized communities with its diverse representation and inclusion of sexualities. I recently had the chance to communicate with Kyra Jones about her achievements, her life, and a little about her nerdy side. Jones…

Nigerian Art Director Oye Diran

January 20, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Photographer based in New York City. Born in Lagos, Nigeria. Oye Diran moved to NYC during his childhood. An eye to capture and evoke raw emotion through imagery, fusing pops of color with detailed motifs that convey the essence of his subjects is what drives Oye Diran. To date, Diran’s work…

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