Behind the Disapearance of the Confederate Flag

Protesters hold a photo of the 1956-2001 Georgia state flag that prominently features the Confederate flag. (Credit: Reuters)
Protesters hold a photo of the 1956-2001
Georgia state flag that prominently features
the Confederate flag. (Credit: Reuters)
The fall out regarding the confederate flag should be an eye opener for People of color. Large corporations who have a strong and dedicated consumer base such as Wal Mart, Amazon and Sears have decided to not sell any confederate memorabilia and have taken it off their shelves.
There is a war going on that is national in scope and it has grown to where there is a majority of incarcerated folks of color that are almost half of the over two million that are incarcerated, building what is now termed the “Prison Industrial Complex” where young men and women serve longer sentences and are returned to their respective communities unprepared to become a tax payer, but instead a “tax collector” in the form of living in the realms of the criminal element.
The sighting of the confederate flag is offensive, but even removing it from sight or not selling it does not take away the fact that there are variables used in sinister ways that prevent People of color from becoming as strong as their potential would allow. Not seeing the confederate flag does not stop an unabiding hate that is based on racism. Strong, united leadership is needed. This is a national crisis that getting grants/funds/corporate donations cannot within itself correct. The organizing of regional and national strategy meetings and viewing the same variables to marginalize a People whose path should be considered. Much talk/discourse is had about  the “problems,” but not as much discussing solution driven plans that include action plans. The time for having “Elders” alone to articulate the problems/issues is fading and a brighter light of a newer and truer cadre of leaders referencing our History to build time has come.
Yes, “Black lives matter,” but that includes when Blacks kill or maim other Blacks. No doubt the killings of Blacks by the Police has to be addressed. Let us look at why the corporate businesses made the decision(s) not to sell the confederate memorabilia. The buying/spending power be it cash or credit card of minority spenders is larger than some country’s gross national products. They recognize the power when we do not, but instead continue to spend.
The killing of a seven-year-old a few days ago in Chicago is reprehensible, but so is not providing our children with an education that sparks their energies to be creative in an environment of safety for the outcome of a failing educational system makes way for the creation of “failed individuals” who live on life’s edge, caring little about themselves or others.
Our youth in school settings are distracted from learning by identifiable ruffians that seem to intimidate the authorities. Parents and teachers are not meeting together to address behavior problems and elected officials have a way of stepping aside and relegating to others.
The scope of the war on the development of our People is not being addressed and should be. If we put in place a plan not to spend our money or use credit cards in selected stores at selected times on selected products (big tickets) the revenue lost would be immediate. We as a People of determination would have fired a first “salvo” in response to the indifference of how we are treated. This approach was used during the early days of the Civil Rights struggle and should be planned again on a national level. Thank you for sharing this comment.
Respectfully yours,

Haywood Fennell



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