Black Power And The National Mobilization For “Project Water For Flint!!”

There is a crisis happening in predominantly Afrikan/Black Flint, Michigan.

The population of that city is slightly over 100,000 and until recently under State “receivership.” Apparently in an act that seemed to be genocidal in nature, an alleged “cost saving measure” was implemented that resulted in the highly contaminated Flint River being utilized as the

Project WATER for Flint

primary water source as a replacement for the Detroit River. Seemingly racism played a major role in that decision.

The end result has become the ultimate health disaster for the residents of Flint.  Due to the high lead level content in the Flint River, there are confirmed reports that many, including children, have seen their health put in a hazardous state. We are talking about serious medical issues that would include several potential health maladies such as severe brain damage. The switch from the Detroit River as the water source to the Flint River was deliberate and at the very least, criminal in nature.  There are those who have called for criminal charges against many involved in this travesty of justice, including the person who is head of State and that would be Governor Snyder himself.

The national guard has been dispatched to go door to door to hand out bottles of water and the Obama administration has declared Flint as a “disaster area.” That support has been minimal monetarily and not nearly enough to address the magnitude of this drastic situation.  Also there have been donations from some in entertainment world and as expected, photo-ops by Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Umar Johnson.  The real question at hand is why the silence nationally by the Afrikan/Black community and overall lack of taking the lead in assisting our people in Flint???

To address that concern, the Black Community Information Center Inc.  has moved to deal with that issue by launching the “Project Water For Flint” campaign. The intent is to collect cases of bottled water from the community and send a truck (Black Power Express”) load down to Flint. We have made a national call for Afrikan/Black people all across the country to duplicate what we are doing here in Boston and the response to a call for action has been encouraging.

The official Boston/community launch will be Saturday, January 30, 2016, 1:00 PM at MAMLEO, which is located at 61 Columbia Road (intersects near Seaver Street) in Dorchester, MA.

This is intended to be a meeting/rally for Flint relief and we urge folks in the spirit of Umoja (Unity) to come out and bring cases of water to fill the truck. For those who prefer to make a financial donation to support this effort, then you can go to One United Bank, which has branches in Grove Hall, Dorchester and Dudley Square in Roxbury. An account has been established with cash accepted and checks of otherwise made out to the Black Community Information Center Inc. c/o “Water For Flint.”

For further information feel free to call 617-427-2522 or go to the Black Community Information Center Inc.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, January 30, 2016, 1:00 PM at MAMLEO. LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!



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