Boston And Ferguson, Missouri Have a Lot in Common!!!!

michael brown

A great deal of furor has been raised in regards to the police murder of eighteen year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  Brown was an Afrikan/Black youth who was confronted by a racist white cop named Darren Wilson who the proceeded to shoot and kill this young man after firing at least eleven “rounds” of which approximately six found their target.  Four to the torso and two head shots due to nothing more than racial hatred and the fact that Brown had Black skin.

Michael Brown’s lifeless body laid in the street under hot sun for over four hours before it was moved as an apparent message being sent that the life of an Afrikan/Black male meant nothing to them.  The response was a resounding outcry of outrage by the Afrikan/Black community in Ferguson as they took to the streets demanding “justice for Michael Brown!!”  It was no surprise when the usual “suspects” arrived on the scene seeking a photo-op. A prime example would be Rev. Al “Snitchton AKA Sharpton of the FBI (full blown informant) looking for the cameras.  Demonstrations were held and the justice department has intervened.

Now let’s take this to Boston, Massachusetts, wherein the Boston Police Department has a long history of “police use of deadly force”  against Afrikan/Black men.  For many years in the past, the Black Community Information Center Inc. has taken the lead in condemning and protesting violent police action. Due to these actions through the years, the police in this city have made changes to some of their genocidal practices, but still retain a mentality of white supremacy.

However there has been a disturbing trend happening as while there were “solidarity with Ferguson” rallies held here in Boston, we have had our own share of Michael Brown situations in recent years (1970’s on up) in this city.  A clear example would be in 2011, wherein an Afrikan/Black man named Mark McMullen was involved in a car chase for a minor infraction with a Boston cop in pursuit.  McMullen ended up being trapped by forty cops in Rockland, MA., unarmed and surrounded with no way of possible escape.  He was shot down in cold blood by the Boston cop of all people (out of jurisdiction in Rockland), while suffering a similar fate of the now deceased Michael Brown.

The Black Community Information Center made a call for our community to stand up and seek “justice for Mark McMullen!!!  The lack of response was at very least, disappointing as it appears that the alleged leadership in this city was in a “get along” mode and did not want to upset/anger white people by protesting the police murder of Mark McMullen!!!  The message being presented here is that when there is a case of Boston Police abuse and in particular, murder, then we as Afrikan/Black people must mobilize and be heard.  Unfortunately there is no difference in the mindset of the two police departments here in Boston and in Ferguson.  It has been a tradition and always will be that for white people the motto is the police is “to serve and protect,” while for Afrikan/Black people it is to “observe and oppress!!!”




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