Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee Launches “Harambee Food Source”


The Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee is now approaching its 38th anniversary in preparation to the upcoming2014—2015 Kwanzaa celebration.  We have seen the celebration grow tremendously through the years in the City of Boston as hundreds of people of Afrikan descent come out to celebrate our culture and heritage along with the multitudes who celebrate in their homes.  Kwanzaa revolves around the nation building concept of the Nguzo Saba (seven principles).  The celebration is a beautiful experience, but the most important component that needs more focus and energy is the amount of work needed to be done throughout the year starting from January 2nd through December 25th.  At every Kwanzaa Celebration there is a declaration that “we must build a nation within a nation by living the true spirit of Kwanzaa 365 days of the year.”


Embracing this declaration, the Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee has taken on the challenge by establishing what has been named the “Harambee Food Source!”  It is a well-known fact that hard times are upon us and many of our people are struggle to put fresh vegetables and other food on the table for their families.  In that regard, the Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee, which is composed of approximately twenty organizations from our community have established a valuable collaboration with Fair Foods Inc.  In that collaboration, Fair Foods Inc. provides fresh fruit and vegetables, while the Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee as the sponsoring group is responsible for the food distribution site and supplying the man/woman power for distribution to local residents.  A full bag of fresh fruit and vegetables is only $2.00! 


The launch of the “Harambee Food Source” took place on Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM at our food distribution site.  The location of the site is at the intersection

of Highland Street and Montross Street (50 Highland Street) in Roxbury, MA.  It is directly across the street from Kittredge Park.  The “launch” was a great success in spite of the rain many residents came out, made purchases and nearly depleted all of the food stock.  The remaining food was donated to a deserving organization in our community.  The “Committee” received words of appreciation from Residents who came out.  Spread the word that the “Harambee Food Source” will open its doors again on Saturday, April 19, 2014 from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM at the intersection of Highland Street and Montross Street in Roxbury.  The “Harambee Food Source” is operating monthly with the intent to eventually provide the food service on an every other week basis.  For more information call the BCIC Inc. at 617-427-2522.


The Boston Community Kwanzaa Committee is a program of the Black Community Information Center Inc. (BCIC) which is located in Imani House at 516 Warren Street in Dorchester, MA.

Learn about the celebration of Kwanzaa in Boston, MA.  Click onto the Community Kwanzaa Page.




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