The Boston Police Department like many others across the country has a history of executing/killing Afrikan/Black unarmed men. That history goes back to the origins of police forces, wherein white men designated as “slave catchers” roamed these United States during slavery in search of runaway slaves. Once captured, the slaves were then returned to their slave master and their captors then collected their bounty for their criminal venture.

Lets be clear in that the police are meant to “serve and protect” white communities while they “observe and oppress” the Afrikan/Black community. Here in Boston the relationship between the police and Afrikan/Black community has always been volatile in nature and for good reason. There have been numerous cases of questionable “deadly force” by police that resulted in the deaths of unarmed Afrikan/Black men. Also who can forget the infamous Charles Stuart case where a white man with the above mentioned named, claimed that an Afrikan/Black man shot and killed his pregnant wife in the
Mission Hill section of Roxbury. It was later learned that Stuart had lied and in fact was the actual killer of his wife. However before he confessed to the crime, the Boston Police under the direction of then Mayor Raymond Flynn and police commissioner Mickey Roache, proceeded to terrorize Afrikan/Black men including invading neighborhoods, ransacking homes and leaving many families traumatized.

There have been many questionable incidents through the years with the most recent involving a forty one year old Afrikan/Black man named Angelo West. It appears the vehicle he was driving was stopped and approached by members of the Boston Police gang unit. Apparently West felt he had nothing to lose and made the fatal mistake of drawing a gun and shot Boston cop John Moynihan “point blank” in the face. Other cops on the scene, “went by the book” and returned fire that rendered West dead at the
scene. It appears that Moynihan will recover, but I doubt he would have if West had used a 357 magnum as the police claimed due to there attempt to sensationalize the case to support their position on the case.

After the West incident, the Boston Police and Commissioner William Evans activated what the Boston Globe described as a “model of transparency.” It was reported that within twenty four hours of the shooting of Angelo West, Evans sent out an e-mail to alleged Afrikan/Black leadership inviting them to view a video of the shooting incident. As expected Evans contacted the usual suspects of “yes men” that he was confident would support the police version of the shooting. Examples would be Rev. Jeffrey (I’m for hire) Brown and Mark (rent a Rev.) Scott who is a protégé of Eugene (show me the money) Rivers.

Transparency seems to happen when it is to the advantage of the police. But the question is where was the transparency for several other cases in the past that resulted in “police use of deadly force” against unarmed Afrikan/Black men?? Where were the cameras when Burrell Ramsey was shot down by a Boston cop in 2012 or in 2014 when Remis Andrews was shot and killed on Lennox Street in Roxbury. An extreme example would be that of Mark McMullen, an Afrikan/Black man who was confronted by a Boston cop in a Roxbury neighborhood on a minor issue that resulted in a high speed chase onto Interstate 93 South. State and Rockland police joined the chase that resulted in McMullen being surrounded in Rockland, Mass. by an army of cops. McMullen was unarmed and ultimately gunned down by the Boston cop who began the chase,was out of his jurisdiction and remains on the force to this very day.

Rest assured the West case and so-called “transparency” was a rare case and not part of usual police policy of “shoot first and ask questions later,” particularly when confronting an Afrikan/Black man. Unfortunately, based on history, it is not difficult to predict that in the future an Afrikan/Black man in this city will be a victim of Boston Police “use of deadly force.” In the spirit of Boston’s city sister of Ferguson, Missouri, lets see if the cameras are rolling then. I doubt it!!!!



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