Boston Still Has Not Cleared The Olympic Hurdle Called Racism!!

In recent weeks it was announced that the Olympic Selection Committee had voted Boston as the national contender to host the Olympic Games in 2014. Boston will face tough competition as several countries on the international scene are also vying to be the final choice. The folks of “Boston Strong” are excited, but the question still remains as to what would be in it for the Afrikan/Black community in this city that is the “Hub” of racism in this country.

The reality is that 2024 is over nine years away in the future, but who can forget the past and present legacy of racism in the City of Boston. Having full knowledge of the pre-busing racism that was and is the fabric of this city and then experiencing the 1970s busing violence itself, it would be hard for me and I am sure many others to get excited about some Olympic Games!!
I know there are those who would contend that Boston is now a “different city.” I would beg to differ with that warped opinion.

Boston is the same racist city with the only difference being in that it promotes a false positive image of openness and fairness. While this rhetoric is being declared, what is happening in the neighborhoods of the Afrikan/Black community is totally different. In the Afrikan/Black community you have by design, high unemployment, poor schools and a lack of appropriate neighborhood services while we are given constant “lip service!!!” We all know the old adage that “talk is cheap!!”

Also, what will Boston look like in 2024. We have significant gentrification on the move with many residents, due to high costs, being forced to move out of the city, which is becoming a vast wasteland composed of the rich and increasingly poor population. Undoubtedly the Boston Olympic supporters have a vision that by 2024 a great deal of land will by then have been confiscated from the residents in Greater Roxbury and be in the hands of white people. Why do you think police headquarters and the school department are being located in the heart of Roxbury?? It is all part of the “master plan” to return Greater Roxbury as “central city!!”

So we in the Afrikan/Black community are in the survival race of our lives to stabilize and maintain our presence in the community that we reside. The Olympic “starters gun” of gentrification has been fired and is happening right now in 2015. We had better get
to work right now if we want to see the finish line in 2024!! By the way, who cares about the Olympics anyway???? I for one do not!!



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  1. Inner cities rivalries for affordable land, space and middleclass wages rave on as the universe expands.

    People have a few choices to cope with it though. Best if they can keep income up and on par with the market. Or, they can share costs if they are able to get along. Finally, some will qualify for public subsidies. But most " poor" people should consider moving to lower cost rural communities and there is that flight taking shape already in Boston, and has been for years .

    With rising inner city living costs, even the politically connected, recently educated fresh green college student sees more income going to expenses than common sense should allow.

    Boston Olympics 2024 execution is not going to right side the inequalities between the haves and the have nots.

    Boston's Minority Business market is already receiving over $500 million dollars in gross income every year. That's more than Boston Blacks are going to record from 2 weeks of Olympics cheer!

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