Captain William J. Williams: Lawyer, war veteran, first African American elected to the Chelsea Board of Aldermen

By Anthony W. Neal Captain William James Williams, one of Boston’s remarkable attorneys, broke the color line at the turn of the twentieth century, becoming the first African American to enter the volunteer army of the United States with a captain’s commission, and the first elected to the Chelsea Board of Aldermen. …read more    




  1. Lawyer is utilized to allude to persons who give held legitimate exercises and incorporates experts, for example, advodates, lawyers, specialists, enrolled outside legal advisors, patent lawyers, exchange mark lawyers, authorized conveyancers.

  2. Filling in as a legal advisor includes the down to earth use of unique lawful hypotheses and learning to take care of particular individualized issues, or to propel the premiums of the individuals who procure attorneys to perform legitimate administrations.

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