Dark Shadow of “Busing” Hatred Still Lingers Over The City of Boston

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June 21, 2014 was the 40th anniversary of the Morgan vs Hennigan ruling that was a legal case here in Boston in the 1970’s.  It was at that time that Judge W. Arthur Garrity made a finding that institutional acts of racism were pervasive in the Boston Public Schools.  Therefore he implemented the “forced busing” mandate.  There was a court order to bus primarily Afrikan/Black children/students into hostile white areas like South Boston, Charlestown, Hyde Park, East Boston, etc.

Boston had already been established as a racist city, but the Klu Klux Klan line mentality pot that had been boiling for many years was brought to overflow status by the busing plan.  This was a time of extreme and severe violence as whitesyoung and old laid in wait for the buses filled with young Afrikan/Black children who were in elementary through high school and proceeded to bombard them with racist, poisoned language and throwing bricks and bottles with the intent to do physical harm in any way they could.

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In fact, an Afrikan/Black man named Ted Landsmark was speared with the U.S. flag in downtown Boston and a 15 year old Afrikan/Black Charlestown High School student was shot and crippled for the remainder of his life.

Who can forget the South Boston Marshals, a racist group who organized the violence with now deceased former Boston City Councilor Jim Kelly who led the organization. There was Boston School Committee member Louise Day Hicks and then State Representative Ray Flynn among the ranks of the violent demonstrators.  This is not pure speculation as there were those of us (Afrikan/Black men) that confronted their ranks and looked them right in the eye.

The alleged purpose of “busing” was to provide our children with a better education by having them sit next to white children.  Ironically the primary problem with that theory is that the children were bused from inferior schools in their neighborhoods to schools that were also providing a poor education.  This in the name of a bogus effort called ‘”integration” that was doomed to fail and it did.  “White flight” exploded on the local scene and the Boston schools became predominantly “Children of Color” and the poor education continued and exists to this very day.

It is now 2014 and the school system is still a dismal failure for our children.  But, did you expect anything more?  As Malcolm X stated and I paraphrase, “we are the only people to ever ask the former slave master to educate our children.”  So we as Arikan/Black people all over this country will continue to fight for a public school system that is designed to fail our children.  Yes, Boston, Detroit, New York, etc. unless we have our own schools controlled by us, then the “educational genocide” suffered by our children will continue to flourish and destroy their creative minds that they inherently possess.  We can only blame ourselves if we do not take “our destiny into our own hands” to make a difference in moving forward.

Remember that the Boston racist mentality of 1974 is the same now, in the year 2014. The only difference is that it’s more covert then covert as bricks are no longer being thrown at school buses.  However, the forces of racism now meet in brick buildings in downtown conspiring to plan our demise. Also, brick school buildings still exist providing a poor education and those same bricks are being used to build prisons with a plan to house our Afrikan/Black youth.  We as Afrikan/Black people must stand up and resist at all costs!









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