EMT Dragged Dying Woman From American Airlines Flight

By Sonya Eskridge

Emergency responders are facing criticism for how they removed a dying woman from an American Airlines flight.

Theresa Hines was found unresponsive with her pants undone in the rear bathroom of a Boeing 737, which was flying from Dallas to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. An airport rep told The Star Tribune that the woman died soon after she was discovered.

It was reported that the woman was in a state of undress as EMTs dragged her off the flight, and Theresa’s fellow passengers took issue with how she was handled.

One passenger named Art Endress claimed that she was half-naked, and he thinks responders should have done more to protect her dignity. “The EMT was out of line,” he said. “The flight attendants could have thrown a blanket on her.”

He also told reporters that he saw responders stand behind Theresa’s head and “dragged her down the aisle.”

Another flyer, David Sampsell, refuted allegations that Theresa was overly exposed, stating, “She was not half-naked. Her pants were unfastened, but I saw nothing that any of the airline or EMT staff did inappropriately.”

A rep for American Airlines also said she was wearing underwear and a shirt when she was removed from the aircraft. According to the rep, flight crew members assist passengers “in medical distress” before they “hand over the responsibility for the passenger to the local first responders [and] stand clear of the situation. We let them do their work.”

As Endress recalls, flight attendants noticed that Theresa was missing from her seat and that someone was still in the bathroom as the crew began to prepare for landing. When attendants knocked on the door, there was no response. Eventually the staff opened the door and they asked to see if there was a doctor or nurse onboard that could offer immediate assistance.

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