Governor Baker’s “Dred Scott” Decision Type Statement & the MBTA!

The “Dred Scott Decision” happened during the slavery era of the mid 1850’s. Apparently a slave named
Dred Scott fled to what appeared be a “free state” and he settled down into what he felt would be a life of
freedom for the remaining years of his life. However, in an ironic turn of fate, the racist supreme court at
the time ruled that no Afrikan/Black person was a citizen and therefore must retain the inhumane status
of being a slave in bondage and subservient to their white masters.

I am sure you are curious as to how the “Dred Scott Decision” related to the present day crisis of the long
running Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority AKA MBTA and the above mentioned title of this entry.
Well, in my estimation, the racially insensitive type ridicule that Governor elect Charles Baker heaped on MBTA
General Manager, Ms. Beverly Scott was not only uncalled for, but insulting in nature. Baker declared that the
service breakdown was “unacceptable.” A translation would be that Ms. Scott was not getting the job done
to his satisfaction and he would be watching her performance from the ‘big house” on the hill.

It was an insulting statement to make and lacked credibility as the recent snow storms we have experienced
are of historic proportions. Once again, the Farmers Almanac has proven itself accurate as weekend after
weekend we are being hit with storms that are leaving several inches of snow and ice. The streets of Boston
are clogged as snow banks abound, frustration continues to grow and there is no place to put the snow

One of the primary victims of the assault by nature has been the antiquated equipment utilized by the MBTA.
Due to the heavy snowfall, many trains (blue, red, green, orange lines), buses and the commuter rail have in
fact broken down, leaving many passengers stranded or unable to get transportation to their desired destination.
You would think that with the understanding that the MBTA equipment barely functioning during good weather,
there would be some compassion and support for Ms. Scott and her situation as she attempted to maneuver
through the maze of dis-function that existed long before her arrival two years ago.

Governor Baker’s indirect verbal assault on Ms Scott was “unacceptable.” What was equally appalling was the fact
that until recently, he had not even spoken with Ms. Scott. His first actual communication/ meeting with her had
happened after she had submitted her resignation. In fact, to her credit, Ms. Scott held a blistering press conference
wherein her “Sisterhood” came out as she lambasted the conditions under which she had to perform, complimented
the workers who worked under her leadership and then officially resigned.

Hopefully this will be a learning experience for Governor Baker in moving forward. He now has the opportunity to
name his own choice to run the MBTA and in all probability will name a white male to replace Ms. Scott. There is
a need for more racial sensitivity as usual and yet another lesson to be learned by those Negroes from our community
who constantly line up behind these candidates with the hope of having an advantage with the goal of landing a job.
Whether the name is Baker or Coakley, the game is the same with no gain!!



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