Injustice Disgrace In Ferguson Should Be A Lesson For Boston



The grand jury decision was released in Ferguson, Missouri and as expected, the killer cop Darren Wilson was not indicted and will face no punishment for the murder of an eighteen year old Afrikan/Black youth named Michael Brown. This came as no surprise as the value of an
Afrikan/Black life, whether it be in Ferguson or Boston is not respected by the white cops who apparently have declared war on Afrikan/Black men/youth all across the country.

We support the call for non-violent protest, but also understand the frustration due to the verdict
and the feeling that Afrikan/Black people cannot get any “just us/justice” in the United States
judicial system. There is an epidemic of police atrocities against Afrikan/Black men all across
the country and something must be done to stop this genocidal campaign and that includes the
City of Boston.

An attempt was made to reach out to Boston Mayor Walsh, but he was a no show for a
scheduled meeting. This was a clear indicator that there is a lack of sensitivity and indifference
to the fact that many of the racist issues that exist in Ferguson in fact are a problem
right here in the City of Boston. A prime example would be the illegal “stop and frisk” policy
employed by the Boston Police Department. Although Afrikan/Black men/youth, represent only
24% of the population, we represent 70% of the “stops.” Those are Ferguson like numbers.

Mayor Walsh has declared that “Boston is not Ferguson.” The names are spelled differently,
but the issues are the same. We could have a Michael Brown in this city on this very
day. Therefore you have in your possession a letter directed towards Mayor Walsh with some
suggestions of some actions his administration could take to lessen the racial tension in the city
that could come to the surface on a moments (incident) notice. Addressing the listed issues
could be a beginning in addressing the ills that need to be a priority and dealt with immediately.
Ferguson today could be Boston tomorrow!!!!

November 25, 2014

Mayor Martin Walsh
Boston City Hall
One City Hall Plaza
Boston, MA 02202

Mayor Walsh:

This communication is being sent with a great deal of urgency. As you and your administration are aware, the entire world has their eyes on the events transpiring in Ferguson, Missouri as it pertains to the grand jury decision regarding one Darren Wilson, the rogue cop who shot down an eighteen year old Afrikan/Black youth named Michael Brown. Of course there is a great deal of tension being generated about the case all across the country and that includes the City of Boston over which you preside as mayor.

Recently we had a meeting scheduled with you on November 18, 2014 at Boston City Hall to discuss the illegal Boston Police policy of “stop and frisk, but unfortunately you became unavailable and we met with Mr. Mulhern. Our delegation was deeply disappointed as we could not figure out what could possibly be of more importance then Ferguson as it applies to Boston. Seemingly there was a lack of sensitivity to the situation on your part.

However, like you, we will advocate and hope for peace in the city after the rendering of the verdict, which will predictably exonerate Darren Wilson, even though he is guilty of outright murder. To that end, although we did not meet, we would like to offer some suggestions for you to consider that would give a sense of your taking a leadership position and making significant progress in addressing racism and
equality issues that exist in the city of which you govern. The following are for your consideration.

1. Instruct Boston Police Commission Evans to end “stop and frisk'” policy immediately.
2. All police have active cameras as part of their daily uniforms.
3. Establish an independent civilian review board with the legal power to discipline wrong doing
by police.
4. Double the amount of summer and after school jobs for our youth.
5. Establish an independent commission led by the Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts
(BEAM) to investigate why a significant number of our Black and Latino male youth are being funneled into the public schools “special needs” system.
6. Support elimination of the C.O.R.E. law to allow individuals to make a living to support their
familes. These are but a few suggestions, but much more needs to be done. Boston is just Ferguson spelled differently and requires the type of bold leadership
that will put a major dent in the wall of racism that exists in the city to this very day. It is Ferguson today, but it could be Boston tomorrow!!!

Sadiki Kambon, Director
The Black Community Information Center Inc.



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