Mobilization of Afrikan/Black Men – Brothers For Peace

The Black Community Information Center Inc. Continues Mobilization of Afrikan/Black Men With Formation Of “Brothers For Peace”
 Due to the high level of violence in the Greater Roxbury (Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan) community of Boston, MA, the Black Community Information Center Inc., in the spirit of the “Million Man March, called for the mobilization of Afrikan/Black men to hit the streets  to stem the violence.  After a few “think tank” strategy sessions involving some key men, a call was made with the formation of Pyramid Zone meetings, wherein “Brothers” could do work in the respective areas they resided in.
 Preliminary Pyramid Zone meetings have been held (Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan locations) to give participants a sense of  what the plan was.  The effort has been named “Brothers For Peace” and is a general call for the “MEN” in our community to get
 involved.  As explained in the past, this is nothing more then getting back to the “neighbor to neighbor” spirit in our neighborhoods.
The next phase of the campaign is a recruitment drive to get “Brothers” out and involved in the neighborhood they reside in. The “drive” will begin with a series of Pyramid Zone meetings during the weekdays of September 10, through 12, 2014 .  The meetings strategy wise will be similar in nature structure the plan is such a fashion  that the actions will be in a coordinated fashion within  the entire community.  It is important that the “Brothers” who come out, attend meetings in the respective areas they live.  However, if there is a scheduling conflict on the date of your “zone” meeting then you are encouraged to attend a meeting on another date                    during the week.  We urge “Brothers” to plan on attending a meeting and along with yourself, encourage family and friends to share this information with others who could well be interested.
For further information, contact the Black Community Information Center Inc. 617-427-2522 “Brothers, lets get to work and “make some history!!!!”
Pyramid Zone Meeting / Roxbury Brothers
Wednesday, Sept. 10th
6:00 PM
12th Baptist Church
150 Warren Street
Roxbury, MA 02119
Pyramid Zone Meeting / Mattapan Brothers
Thursday, Sept. 11th
6:00 PM
Mattapan Library
1350 Blue Hill Avenue
Matttapan, MA 02126
Pyramid Zone Meeting / Dorchester Brothers
Friday, Sept. 12th
6:00 PM
M.A.M.E.L.O. Hall
61 Columbia Road
Dorchester, MA 02124



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