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First: Despite the urge to celebrate the end of Robert Mugabe’s 37 years as leader of Zimbabwe–first as Prime Minister then as President–era, there is much reason to be cautious. For one, coups always set a dangerous precedent. More specifically in this case, there are few signs the people of [...]
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Emmanuel Iduma. “People often seem surprised by the art here, which is silly,” Emmanuel Iduma, co-founder of Saraba magazine says to me, “They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t good.” We are sitting in the cafeteria of the Bronx Museum, two blocks away from where Iduma lives. One of the installations on display, “Back Home” is [...]
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Zimbabwe is the fourth country in Southern Africa to have a post-independence coup. (The others are Lesotho twice, Seychelles and Madagascar*). The army generals officially announced around 4am (CAT) on November 15, 2017 that its Commander in Chief, President Robert Mugabe and his family were safe and their security was secure. Safe and [...]
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Eco School, an environmental education program in South Africa. Image via Wikimedia. Conservation is increasingly under scrutiny in East Africa. For years, western conservationists have defended an approach that prioritizes western scientific solutions to wildlife protection, whilst blaming local communities for environmental mismanagement. Debates over who has the most comprehensive knowledge about African [...]
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