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This week we find inspiration from contemporary African American artist Deborah Roberts.  She explores Black culture through collage, drawing on themes on the social construction of beauty, racial identity and consciousness. Her work mainly features the portraits of young black girls. “My art practice takes on social commentary, critiquing perceptions [...]
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Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa, at his inauguration ceremony in Harare. Image credit Ben Curtis (AP Photo). Robert Mugabe’s face was a common feature in our household. To this day there’s an election sticker of Mugabe’s once youthful face (despite it having been used for the 2013 elections), stuck onto the side of our [...]
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Morgan Tsvangirai. Image credit Steve Punter via Wikimedia Commons. “Come hell; come storm; come rains; come fire: please just go ahead and do things as we resolved here. Do not look back.” These words were said to Morgan Tsvangirai by his trade union colleague, Timothy Kondo, in 1999 when civic leaders decided to found the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). The new party [...]
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Sphelele Gumede, also known as ellsphee, is a multidisciplinary artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Sphelele describes his work as.. “ an introspective combination of art and design. The use of symmetry and symbols is quite intentional. Some of these symbols have been a big part of my childhood and have [...]
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The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is soon expected to release a series of reports on the October 4, 2017, skirmish in Niger that claimed the lives five Nigeriens and four US soldiers. In the meantime, the New York Times has just published its own lengthy autopsy of the event. The 8,000 [...]
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Evans Mbugua is an artist from Kenya. He currently lives and works in Paris, drawing inspiration from both cities. He comes from a background of print and graphic design, working with color and texture. “I portray my life, that of my friends and strangers. In this way, diversity nourishes my [...]
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All the way from South Africa, this week’s inspiration comes from South African illustrator, Jayson Mars. [...]
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Professor Sampie Terreblanche is always swimming against the tide. “At the moment I am a very unpopular man in Stellenbosc­h. Around here, there’s a group of people that find me terribly annoying. There is an irrigation canal running through our neighborhood and some of the people have enclosed it, claiming [...]
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