Open Letter to Boston’s Mayoral Candidates

Greetings City of Boston Mayoral Candidate:

We send this communication in regards to an issue of huge concern to the residents who reside within the 3.5 miles radius of Greater Roxbury.  That issue revolves around the question of land, development and the ability of current residents, who are primarily “People Of Color,” to remain in their present homes on a permanent basis without the fear of being displaced.

At present we are observing a “building boom” throughout the City Of Boston that includes the previously mentioned Greater Roxbury. A prime example would be the Ferdinand Building construction project in Dudley Square, Roxbury. It is a $116 million dollar venture that has been described as a future economic engine for the area. The big question on the minds of many residents in the affected area “for whom????”

There is a great deal of trepidation among residents that the alleged “boom” is nothing more than a smokescreen for the dreaded term know as gentrification and is interpreted as “present people removal.” We as a community, in many respects, watch helplessly with no voice as the concrete is laid, steel girders going up and no new lines of communication being established to inform the everyday resident of what bodes for the future and how it will affect us as residents who presently reside in these areas.

Therefore, we as the tax paying electorate are requesting that you and your campaign explain in detail in writing, what position you as mayor and what your administration would take as it pertains to stabilizing a very fragile situation. Many residents are vulnerable in regards to gentrification due to the fact that several families rely on rent subsidies or you have home owners who are in jeopardy of losing their homes due to a high property tax rate.

It is expected that any candidate under consideration must be sensitive to the situation of land and continued residency and present a detailed plan on how their administration would address this very sensitive and life changing matter.  We appreciate your consideration of this very crucial issue and look forward to your response in the very immediate future.

In land stabilization,

Sadiki Kambon, Director

The Black Community Information Center Inc.



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