Body Cam Captures 6-Year-Old’s Tearful Pleas During Arrest

February 26, 2020 bcic_admin 0

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A police officer’s body camera shows a 6-year-old Florida girl crying and begging officers not to arrest her as one fastens zip ties around her wrists at a charter school. The video that Kaia Rolle’s family shared with the Orlando Sentinel and other media outlets Monday shows…

Should We Be Freaking Out About The Corona Virus?

February 26, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Everyone is a bit scared about the Corona Virus even though the government has told us that we are at low risk. Russ Parr talks to Kendra McMillan, Senior Policy Advisor for Nursing Practice and Work Environment with the American Nurses Association (ANA). McMillan is also a Registered Nurse with a…

Kenyan Graphic Artist & Illustrator Robert Ngare

February 26, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Robert Ngare is a graphic artist and illustrator from Kenya. ” One of my earliest memories of my first encounter of Graphic Design was when I was around 8 years old in Kenya. I enjoyed going to the cinema with my friends and I recall my fascination with the film posters…

Impounded sandwiches

February 25, 2020 bcic_admin 0

In early February, the Johannesburg Metro Police Department impounded sandwiches for sale by Itumeleng Lekomamyane, a …

Mia Araujo’s West African Alice in Wonderland

February 25, 2020 bcic_admin 0

Two sisters see the White Rabbit. One follows, and the other stays behind. My take on this classic story is a fable of love, loss, self-discovery and reuniting with nature, as we follow Alice into a fantastical West African Wonderland. Fine artist and Illustrator, Mia Araujo creates her own depiction of…

Biden Could Be Hurt By Generational Divide In Black Vote

February 24, 2020 bcic_admin 0

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — For James Felder, the question of which presidential candidate to support in the South Carolina primary has never been terribly complicated. The 80-year-old civil rights activist has always backed Joe Biden, appreciative of the eight years he spent as the No. 2 to the first black president….

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