SWAT Standoff In Atlanta Leads To Arrest

By Diannah Watson, BlackAmericaWeb.com

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After a long standoff with SWAT, a man has been arrested and brought to police custody in Atlanta on September 15, 2017.

Early Friday morning, residents told authorities that they heard an argument between a couple when soon after gunshots rang out.

Offices arrived at the scene where the victim told them that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend and shot at with a handgun. SWAT was called out and arrived minutes later.

A WSB-TV reporter said they heard flashbangs at the scene being used by SWAT forces to get the suspect out.

In an interview Jeanna Sykes, a resident of the area explained. “They actually had guns on us and when they realize our houses were separate and there wasn’t a way for him to get to our houses they thought we were helping them or something and told us to leave.”

Residents were forced to leave by police from their homes for their own safety.

Police say SWAT situation is over. No injuries, no weapons fired during stand-off live at 6:30AM pic.twitter.com/VbLuOM0bcw

— Liz Artz (@LizArtzWSB) September 15, 2017

(Source: WSB-TV)

(Photo Credit: Think Stock Image)

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