The Boston Police And FBI Assassination Of Usaama Rahim!!


The Boston Police have a long history and tradition of shooting down unarmed and innocent Black men in acts of “police
use of deadly force.” Their latest act was the collaboration with the FBI in the recent assassination of an Afrikan/Black man
named Usaama Rahim. It was alleged by Boston Police Commissioner William Evans that Rahim had been “radicalized by
ISIS” and had been under surveillance for at least two weeks. That was the police version of the story and immediately raised
questions of its validity and quality of truth. Also Massachusetts Congressman Stephan Lynch spoke in behalf of the police in
stating that Usaama Rahim “had been under observation for the last two years.” Our response to Lynch would be that we as Afrikan/
Black men have all been under “observation for the last 400 years. So whats new!!!

Apparently Usaama Rahim was on his way to work at approximately 7:15 AM near a mall in Roslindale, MA. He was approached
by four members of the FBI and on Boston cop who have been described as members of the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force. By the
way the story was told by Evans, you would think that Rahim came face to face with smiling “officer friendlies.” The reality is that he
was surrounded in a hostile manner and it was claimed that he had a knife as he was shot down in cold blood.

The Boston Police and FBI immediately went into “untruth mode” by describing the killing of Rahim as a “good shoot.” In an act of
false “transparency,” a meeting was convened at Boston Police Headquarters for members of the community to view the police version
of a “grainy” video of the shooting. The meeting was a sham in nature as several unsuspecting community members were invited and
certain individuals (police puppets) chosen to speak to present the police propaganda and lie as to what actually happened. It is very
unfortunate that Ronald rent-a-rev Scott and Darnell Williams of the Urban League allowed themselves to be used in that fashion.

A video was shown and the family of Usaama Rahim left with many questions. The video went viral and although not very clear, you could still ascertain some of the actions that led up to the shooting. You could see no knife and the approach of Rahim by the FBI and police was not frontal, but with a military tactical nature as if in a Viet Nam War style “search and destroy” mission. It was clear in my mind that there was a pre-conceived plan to take Usaama Rahim down. This was a clear assassination!!! Another important factor was why the video shown was the most inconclusive. There were at least five other videos available that were much closer to the incident, but have not been revealed. Could it be that the other videos are clearer and actually reveal the real truth about the incident???

Many questions remain as the investigation is now in the hand of the office of Suffolk County District Attorney Dan “cover up” Conley. His office has a history of “cover up” when it pertains to a white cop shooting and killing Afrikan/Black men. Conley has never prosecuted one white cop for killing an Afrikan/Black man and can easily predict will not in the case of Usaama Rahim. In that regard it is strongly suggested that the Rahim family request that an outside, independent investigator be brought in to oversee the case investigation. There is no guarantee that justice will prevail with that request, but there is more of a chance then if the case remains in the hands of the office of “cover up” Conley.

It is important for us in the Afrikan/Black community to send a strong message that we view the now deceased Usaama Rahim as an Afrikan/Black man who was a resident in our community who happened to be of the Muslim faith. The police, FBI and white media try to present this case as a Muslim issue, when the reality it is a matter that affects us as a community. That being said, you now understand why the Black Community Information Center Inc. convened a press conference to make it clear that we are a community first and support the Rahim family in its quest to seek justice!!!!



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