The Klu Klux Klan Culture of the Boston Police Department

During slavery, white slave masters hired white men who became what was to become known as “slave catchers.” The job of these low life men was to track down, capture and return runaway slaves to their respective slave owner. Over time the “slave catchers” evolved into what became police departments. Although having the mandate to prevent crime and maintain the peace, a prime component of the police through the years has been and continues to be to “serve and protect white people and “observe and oppress Afrikan/Black people.

Fast forward to present day 2015 and you will find police brutality and use of “deadly force” against Afrikan/Black people to be of epidemic proportions. It has become the focal point of discussion in many towns and cities all across the country. Prime examples would be Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland with the recent police murder of Freddie Gray. People have been in the streets nationwide with the stated goal of changing the criminal “culture” of the police. It is a waste of time as the mentality in the police station houses in this country is one of “us against them (Afrikan/Black people).” This is not about ‘good cop versus bad cop,” but rather a “culture of police violence against Afrikan/Black people that has existed for hundreds of years!!

You only have to look right here in Boston wherein Mayor Walsh and police commissioner Evans try to promote the false image that the police in this city are different from those like in Baltimore with their rogue killer cops. Well I submit to you that Boston long standing history of white cops shooting down unarmed Afrikan/Black men. In fact and hopefully not, it could well happen tonight!!! In reference to the Boston Police new found claim of “transparency, all I have to say is that you can paint a house, but if the foundation is weak, it will still collapse. That speaks to the alleged Boston Police “transparency” in that you cannot paint over your past.

A recent classic example is the recent confrontation between Boston cop Henry Staines and a sixty two year old Afrikan/Black man who referred to himself as Brother Lawrence. Evidently Staines and some of his fellow cop colleagues had accosted a couple of teenagers who were playing with a replica gun. Brother Lawrence was filming the incident with his phone and Staines waved the replica gun in his face in a threatening manner and demanded that he stop filming. This was a frightening moment for Brother Lawrence who thought the replica was a real gun. A meeting was arranged between Staines and Brother Lawrence by some individuals from our community who sincerely believe that violent police “culture” can be changed when it cannot!! Fortunately Brother Lawrence was not injured, but Sgt. Staines through his inappropriate behavior has put another stain” on the Boston Police image which was not good to begin with. There is a lack of trust with the police locally and nationally having a gang mentality with an agreed upon code of conduct that contradicts their stated role and is not favorable to the best interests of our community.

Unfortunately Afrikan/Black men/youth continue to be targeted by the police and I can predict when the next police “deadly force incident happens, there will be no video available for transparency and the case will go to district attorney Dan “cover up” Conley. The cops will be declared not guilty of any wrong doing and a press conference will be held and led by alleged chief and police public relations director William “teddy bear” Gross along with some chosen Negro ministers to defend the cops involved. The only deterrent to this problem is for us as afrikan/Black MEN to act as such. No more chanting “hands up” and marching holding signs. It is time for us to stand up as men and look the police or otherwise in the eye and make it clear that we are men and will not tolerate any form of abuse from a system that appears to be intent on our destruction.



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