Boston And Ferguson, Missouri Have a Lot in Common!!!!

A great deal of furor has been raised in regards to the police murder of eighteen year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.  Brown was an Afrikan/Black youth who was confronted by a racist white cop named Darren Wilson who the proceeded to shoot and kill this young man after firing at least eleven “rounds” of which approximately six found their target.  Four to the torso and two head shots due to nothing more than racial hatred and the fact that Brown had Black skin. Michael Brown’s lifeless body laid in the street under hot sun for over four hours before it was moved as an apparent message being sent that the life of an Afrikan/Black male meant nothing to them.  The response was a resounding outcry of outrage by the Afrikan/Black community in Ferguson as they took to the streets demanding “justice for Michael Brown!!”  It was no surprise when the usual “suspects” arrived on the scene seeking a photo-op. A prime example would be Rev. Al “Snitchton AKA Sharpton of the FBI (full blown informant) looking for the cameras.  Demonstrations were held and the justice department has intervened. Now let’s take this to Boston, Massachusetts, wherein the Boston Police Department has a long history of “police use of deadly force”  against Afrikan/Black men.  For many years in the past, the Black Community Information Center Inc. has taken the lead in condemning and protesting violent police action. Due to these actions through the years, the police in this city have... Continue reading →

Ferguson Protestors Call Anew For Prosecutor To Go As Grand Jury Deadline Is Extended

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — Protesters seeking the immediate arrest of the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old loudly disrupted another government meeting Tuesday, renewing calls to remove the county prosecutor investigating the case and vowing political retaliation against an elected official tied to the prosecutor.

The demand for Darren Wilson's arrest and the recusal of the St. Louis County prosecuting attorney began with the final utterance of the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the St. Louis County Council meeting.

“For all,” crowd members shouted, emphasizing the second word, as the pledge concluded with, “and justice for all.”

A larger protest also took place a week ago, at the Ferguson City Council's first meeting since Michael Brown's death. That was followed by unsuccessful efforts to block an interstate highway during rush hour in a demonstration that led to 35 arrests, and a weekend demonstration in downtown Ferguson linked to calls for a boycott of local businesses.

Protest leaders said they plan to broaden their efforts with demonstrations at upcoming games hosted by the St. Louis Cardinals, who sit in first place and await a likely playoff berth, and the NFL's St. Louis Rams, who host the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

“It's more

U.S. Wealth Gap Squeezes States’ Budgets

WASHINGTON — Income inequality is taking a toll on state governments.

The widening gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else has been matched by a slowdown in state tax revenue, according to a report being released Monday by Standard & Poor's.

Even as income for the affluent has accelerated, it's barely kept pace with inflation for most other people. That trend can mean a double-whammy for states: The wealthy often manage to shield much of their income from taxes. And they tend to spend less of it than others do, thereby limiting sales tax revenue.

As the growth of tax revenue has slowed, states have faced tensions over whether to raise taxes or cut spending to balance their budgets as required by law.

“Rising income inequality is not just a social issue,” said Gabriel Petek, the S&P credit analyst who wrote the report. “It presents a very significant set of challenges for the policymakers.”

Stagnant pay for most people has compounded the pressure on states to preserve funding for education, highways, and social programs such as Medicaid. Their investments in education and infrastructure have also fueled economic growth. Yet they're at risk without a strong flow of tax revenue.

The prospect of having to raise more

Blacks, Hispanics Have Doubts About Media Accuracy

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new study shows a large majority of African-American and Hispanic news consumers don't fully trust the media to portray their communities accurately, a statistic that could be troubling for the news industry as the minority population of the United States grows.

Three-fourths of African-American news consumers and two-thirds of Hispanics have doubts about what mainstream media report about their communities, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Media Insight Project. And while most say it's become easier to get news generally in the last five years, few feel the same way about news regarding their own community, the survey said.

African Americans and Latinos currently make up a third of the U.S. population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. By 2043, the number of minorities is expected to eclipse the number of non-Hispanic whites, with the total minority population reaching 57 percent by 2060.

People of color who are “seeking out news about their communities, they can't find it. And what they see, they don't think is accurate,” said Tom Rosenstiel, executive director of the American Press Institute, which teamed with The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research on the project. The survey was funded by the more

Seattle Woman Charged With Sexually Assaulting Man In His Sleep

Chantae Gilman (pictured) has officially been charged with raping a male neighbor while he slept in his Seattle apartment in June of last year, reports KOMO News.

According to a police report, the 26-year-old mother of four, who is now pregnant again, allegedly broke into her unidentified neighbor's apartment as he slept following a party he had attended. Gilman, whom police records state is 240 pounds, reportedly entered the man's bedroom and managed to hold the victim down during the alleged rape. Gilman warned her victim to keep it quiet as she attempted to muffle him during the act. The man claims he tried to get free from the woman's grip but found it difficult to escape.

The man, who describes his assailant as “a drug user in the area,” finally managed to push the woman off of him and out of his apartment. more

Black Woman To Head Top Legal Group [VIDEO]

Last month, Paulette Brown became the first black woman elected to lead the American Bar Association, the nation's foremost legal group. The ABA has near 400,000 members and, coincidentally, didn't allow Blacks to join. The Boston Globe profiled Brown and told her amazing rise from humble beginnings.

In a profession where only 7 percent of partners are people of color and the number of female associates has fallen for the past five years, Brown is focused, among other things, on raising awareness about implicit bias in law offices, the legal system, and American society. How is it that defendants of different races who commit the same crime get different sentences, she asked. Why are more black and Latino children suspended from school?

“Once you recognize that it's a possibility that you could have some unconscious bias, then it hopefully will adjust your behavior. You will take a second to say, ‘Wait a minute, am I reacting this way because I could have some sort of bias in this situation?' ” Brown said. “As a result, I think that you will be more fair in any kind of deliberation that you are engaged in.” more

Black Radio Legend Honored At DC’s Newseum

Cathy Hughes talks about her role as founder of Radio One, the largest black-owned broadcast company in America and what it was like to be a radio pioneer during a ceremony to honer her contributions to media at the Newseum.

The Newseum exhibit, “One Nation With News for All,” tells the story of how immigrants and minorities used the power of the press to fight for their rights and shape the American experience. Listen to Ms. Hughes' conversation with “NewsOne Now” below. more

Labor Board Says CNN Must Re-Hire Workers They Fired

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Labor Relations Board ruled against the CNN cable television network on Monday in an 11-year-old labor dispute, ordering the network to rehire or compensate about 300 former workers.

The NLRB agreed with a November 2008 ruling by one of its administrative judges that CNN improperly replaced a unionized subcontractor, Team Video Services (TVS), with in-house non-union staffers, claiming “anti-union” bias.

“We agree with the judge, essentially for the reasons he states, that CNN committed each of these violations,” the board wrote.

The board gave CNN 14 days to rehire the former TVS employees for “their former positions or, if those jobs no longer exist, to substantially equivalent positions.”

It also told CNN to pay bargaining union employees for any adverse tax consequences that may result from the lump-sum reimbursements. more

The Red Flag Flies High Again on Prosecution in Brown Slaying

A little over a year ago the debate was fierce over whether Florida state prosecutor Angela “tough on Crime” Corey assigned to prosecute George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin would dump the case.

There was good reason for the debate. Zimmerman was not a police officer. But he was seen as the next best or worst thing to it since he had close ties with law enforcement and was a one-time neighborhood watch patrol officer.

This automatically bestowed on him the shield that cops have from any charges of misconduct especially in cases where the victims of their misconduct are young African Americans or Hispanics.

The rest of course is history. Zimmerman walked in part because a jury believed his fairy tale that he was the victim of a Martin attack. But in larger part because prosecutors put up an inept, feeble, and bumbling prosecution that again reconfirmed the nightmare fear that the rare times that cops are prosecuted for deadly force and the victims look like Martin bad things almost always happen.

A year later the red flag that flew high with prosecutors in cop cases is flying even higher in the Michael Brown slaying. The instant that the call on whether to more

Black Churches Are Becoming More Gay-Friendly [VIDEO]

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A new study released by Duke University has found that acceptance of homosexual members in Black protestant churches has recently surged. The percentage of churches accepting of gay and lesbian members has risen from 44% in 2006 to 62% in 2012. 22% of Black churches reported being accepting of gays in volunteer leadership roles, up from 6.5% six years prior. more

Mother Blames Race For Shooting of Son By Police

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (AP) — A woman has criticized police in the Utah County city of Saratoga Springs over the fatal shooting of her 22-year-old son, saying she believes the outcome would have been different had he not been black.

Susan Hunt of Saratoga Springs said her family wants answers about what happened leading up to Wednesday's shooting by officers of her son, Darrien Hunt.

On Saturday afternoon, law enforcement authorities issued a statement saying that the man lunged at officers with a sword.

The Deseret News reports that police say they were called about 9:40 a.m. Wednesday to investigate a “suspicious” man walking near businesses along Redwood Road while carrying a “Samurai-type sword.”

“When the officers made contact with Mr. Hunt, he brandished the sword and lunged toward the officers with the sword, at which time Mr. Hunt was shot,” Utah County Chief Deputy Attorney Tim Taylor said in a statement.

Before the statement was issued, Susan Hunt told the Deseret News: “They killed my son because he's black. No white boy with a little sword would they shoot while he's running away.

“Those stupid cops thought they had to murder over a toy. This is my baby. This is my family. And they ruined more