Dark Shadow of “Busing” Hatred Still Lingers Over The City of Boston

  June 21, 2014 was the 40th anniversary of the Morgan vs Hennigan ruling that was a legal case here in Boston in the 1970′s.  It was at that time that Judge W. Arthur Garrity made a finding that institutional acts of racism were pervasive in the Boston Public Schools.  Therefore he implemented the “forced busing” mandate.  There was a court order to bus primarily Afrikan/Black children/students into hostile white areas like South Boston, Charlestown, Hyde Park, East Boston, etc. Boston had already been established as a racist city, but the Klu Klux Klan line mentality pot that had been boiling for many years was brought to overflow status by the busing plan.  This was a time of extreme and severe violence as whitesyoung and old laid in wait for the buses filled with young Afrikan/Black children who were in elementary through high school and proceeded to bombard them with racist, poisoned language and throwing bricks and bottles with the intent to do physical harm in any way they could. In fact, an Afrikan/Black man named Ted Landsmark was speared with the U.S. flag in downtown Boston and a 15 year old Afrikan/Black Charlestown High School student was shot and crippled for the remainder of his life. Who can forget the South Boston Marshals, a racist group who organized the violence with now deceased former Boston City Councilor Jim Kelly who led the organization. There was Boston School Committee member Louise Day Hicks and then State Representative Ray Flynn among the ranks of the violent demonstrators. ... Continue reading →

27th Annual Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast…A Great Success!!

27th Annual “Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast A Great Success!! On Saturday, May 17, 2014, the Black Community Information Center Inc. (B.C.I.C.) sponsored the 27th Annual “Malcolm X Memorial and Awards Breakfast at the Roxbury Community College Student Center Dining Complex in Roxbury Massachusetts.  It was an excellent event that was very well attended by members of the community from all sectors of our daily spectrum who enjoyed the informal “family reunion,” renewed old acquaintances along with a great program and good food. The theme of the “Malcolm X Breakfast” was “Afrikan People Strong”.  Our featured guest speaker, Minister Akbar Muhammad the international representative for Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam present an inspirational message. His message revolved around the theme of the day and put special emphasis on our history as an Afrikan people. He went on to discuss the need for our people (Afrikan/Black) to come together in the name of unity (Umoja) and the critical importance of our linking up with our Brothers and Sisters on the Continent of Afrika. The awardee segment was very special in that the recipients were quite deserving of the “Malcolm X Achievers Award for Community Service.”  The awardees were William Murrell, recipient of the award representing to an “Elder” of our community; “I Too Am Harvard representing the “Youth” of our community; Allan’s Formal Wear representing a “Business” in our community; Ericka Florence representing “Women” of our community and “Tim Pitts” representing Men of our community; Roxbury Center for... Continue reading →

Dr. Steve Perry Breaks Down the Education Problem In America

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Dr. Steve Perry, Karen Carter Peterson, John Hope Bryant talked with Roland Martin on the Empowerment Stage during this year's “Essence” Festival. Dr. Perry explained the problems facing minority students in our education system and the panel offered solutions to help our youth. Listen to the entire debate below.

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Be sure to listen to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST and watch at 9 a.m. EST on TV One.

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Tara Walker: Jersey City Swears In First Ever Black Woman Firefighter In Department’s History

It was 143 years in the making, but Jersey City has sworn in its first Black female firefighter, reports NJ.com.

Tara Walker, 31, a former basketball star at Jersey City's Marist High School, is now one of six women in the department.

Read more at NJ.com.

“I knew there were a few women; they were teasing me, and things like that,” Walker said in a Ch. 7 Eyewitness News interview.

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So Sad: Landlord Murders Mother Of Four Over $200

A Brooklyn woman murdered a tenant from her rental property before scattering the body parts all over Long Island.

Leah Cuevas is in custody after police found the remains of Chinelle Browne in four difference locations over the course of two weeks earlier this month. The New York Daily News reports that Leah hacked off Chinelle's head during a rental dispute over $200.

Chinelle had been leasing a room in an apartment that was once owned by Leah's dead uncle. The Guyanese immigrant (and a mother of four children) was paying Leah $400 a month to stay in the apartment, but utilities like hot water and electricity would frequently get shut off.

After months of enduring inconsistent utilities, Chinelle was ready to leave the apartment for a better-managed property. Furthermore, she refused to pray for electricity that she wasn't getting.

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The 10 Easiest States To Catch An STD [LOOK]

Think you know which states are the easiest to catch a sexually transmitted disease?

Check out the list below to see if you were correct.

BlackDoctor.Org breaks down the list:

10. North Carolina

524 per 100,000 have chlamydia. It ranks 6th in gonorrhea and 24th in syphillis transmissions.

9. New York

516 per 100,000 have chlamydia. It ranks 16th in gonorrhea and 7th in syphillis transmissions.

8. Texas

494 per 100,000 have chlamydia. It ranks 13th in gonorrhea and 6th in syphillis transmissions.

7. Illinois

526 per 100,000 have chlamydia. It ranks 10th in gonorrhea and 8th in syphillis transmissions.

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President Obama To Rename Africa Program For Nelson Mandela

WASHINGTON (AP) — A program designed to foster a new generation of young African leaders will be renamed after former South African President Nelson Mandela, the White House said Sunday.

President Barack Obama, who has said he was one of the untold millions of people around the world who were inspired by Mandela's life, is set to announce the name change at a town hall-style event on Monday in Washington with several hundred young leaders from across sub-Saharan Africa.

The youngsters are participating in the inaugural Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, part of the broader Young African Leaders Initiative that Obama launched in 2010 to support a new generation of leadership there. The fellowship is being renamed as a tribute to Mandela, who died last December at age 95.

Obama announced the fellowship during a stop in South Africa last summer. It connects young African leaders to leadership training opportunities at top U.S. universities.

In remarks at Monday's event, Obama also was announcing new public-private partnerships to create more programs for young African leaders, including four regional leadership centers across Africa, online classes and other resources, the White House said.

Mandela spent 27 years in jail under apartheid, South Africa's former system of white ...read more

Hot Car Mom Won’t Face Jail, Talks To ‘Today’ Show [WATCH]

The story of Shanesha Taylor, the Arizona mother who left her kids in a hot car while she went on a job interview has come to a happy conclusion. Under a deal that Arizona refers to as deferred prosecution, Taylor, 35, will have to take parenting and substance abuse classes but will avoid jail time.

The mother, who left two of her three kids in an SUV with the car on but not the AC in 100 degree weather, says she was desperate. At the time, she was both homeless and unemployed.

She appeared on the Today show and told Matt Lauer that her children were the primary motivation for her decision.

“I had to make a choice between providing for my children and caring for my children,” she said.

After capturing the attention of people nationwide, a young woman moved by her story started a crowd funding drive for her. Taylor ultimately received donations of nearly $115,000, which, as part of her agreement with the county attorney, is placed in a trust fund to pay for her children's education, according to her attorney Benjamin Taylor, who appeared with her on the show.

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Reverends Al Sharpton and Eugene Rivers are of the same Contradictory Cloth!!

It appears that the Reverends Al Sharpton and Eugene Rivers have a lot in common as they both have  made headlines locally and nationally, respectively.  Unfortunately those headlines have been of a very negative nature for both.  Rev. Sharpton has been exposed as a former FBI informant/snitch, while it seems to appear that Rev. Rivers has been involved in some sort of an extortion scheme. Lets start with Rev. Sharpton and his dilemma.  The news blog “Smoking Gun” recently disclosed in one of   their articles that in the 1980′s, Sharpton was an FBI informant/snitch and spied on the Italian mafia.  I was    surprised at this revelation as although aware of his being a “snitch” in the Black Liberation Struggle trying to help entrap and capture “Sister” Assata Shakur as an example, had no clue about his mafia involvement. apparently Sharpton tried to negotiate a drug deal with what he believed to be a South American drug king pin who was actually an undercover FBI agent.  Rev. Sharpton, in a  state of panic, had no other choice but to be “flipped (snitch)’ or face the possibility of some lengthy prison time.  Sharpton then proceeded to wear a “wire” to gather information to be used against members of the mafia. Now on to Rev. Eugene “riverboat gambler” Rivers.  He has been wheeling and dealing in the City Of Boston for the last few decades.  His name has often popped up in questionable situations and in most instances they revolved around financial transactions that were beneficial to his personal bank account. ... Continue reading →