Malcolm X – We Must Never Forget

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER:  JEMADARI KAMARA Jemadari Kamara is the founding director of the Center for African, Caribbean and Community Development at the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB). Currently, he is also serving as the acting chairman of the Africana Studies Department. Dr. Kamara served as dean of the College of Public and Community Service (1988-1993) and chairman of the Africana Studies Department (1996-2001, 2007-2008, 2011) at the UMB. He also served as a Fulbright Scholar at the Universite Nationale du Benin (UNB 1985-1987). He has taught at several other universities including the University of Michigan, Brandeis and Dillard Universities. During the 1990’s he helped to found and continues to coordinate the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr./ Amilcar Cabral Commemorative Program. In 2013 he participated in the first commemoration in Cabo Verde focused on “Pathways to Democracy and Social Justice”. A volume entitled, Leadership and Legacy: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Amilcar Cabral, based upon this work will be released for the 20th anniversary edition of this program in January, 2017. Also, Professor Kamara collaborated in developing the Community Action Information Network (CAIN). Funded by Kellogg and Boston Foundation grants, this project assisted community based organizations in applying technology and data-based information to community defined purposes for development. A monograph series, Race, Space and Policy Issues, has documented the work of this project. Dr. Kamara has been involved in educational, environmental, youth leadership and economic development projects both in the United States and West Africa. He serves as an international coordinator... Continue reading →

Black Community Information Center Inc. “Project Water For Flint” Is A Big Success!

It is a well know fact the residents of the City Of Flint, Michigan are living a daily life of trauma due to a contaminated source of water with high lead content. This city of predominantly Afrikan/Black people with a population of approximately 102,000 are victims of criminal negligence due to the administration of Michigan Governor Snyder. Flint had been put into receivership in an alleged “cost saving measure”.  The deadly switch of water sources was made from the Detroit River to the well known to be contaminated Flint River. Talk about a deliberate crime against humanity. The end result has been genocidal in nature and resulting in potential health hazards for the men, women and children of the city. We are looking at possible brain damage, paralysis and already it has been reported that nine people have died from the deadly disease known as Legionnaires Disease. The future is bleak and a national call has been made to assist the residents during this disaster. The Black Community Information Center Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts had responded by calling for a “collaborative effort” to come together to collect as much donated cases of water as possible to be sent to Flint. The response has been excellent with many organizations and too many individuals to mention, stepping up to make the much needed donations. Examples would be Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Officers Inc.  (MAMLEO), Osiris Group, Muhammad’s Mosque, Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Union Of Minority Neighborhoods, One United Bank, Greater Love Tabernacle... Continue reading →

Mississippi Man Released From Jail In Daughter’s Death

GRENADA, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi man whose daughter died after he left her in a hot car was released from jail without bail Tuesday, with the possibility that the second-degree murder charge against him could be reduced.

Grenada Municipal Judge Rusty Harlow ordered the release of 25-year-old Joshua Blunt on his own recognizance after city prosecutor Jennifer Adams requested the move and a friend and a police detective testified he wasn't a flight risk.

Harlow wept as he emerged from the Grenada County jail a few minutes later, embraced by relatives and friends who had offered vocal support during the brief court hearing.

Adams told Harlow that Grenada officials want to reduce the charges against Blunt from second degree murder, punishable by up to life in prison, to culpable negligence, a felony punishable by up to a year in prison.

However, Harlow said he wanted to hear from Grenada County District Attorney Doug Evans, who prosecutes felonies in the county, before making that decision.

Blunt's lawyer, Carlos Moore, has said he will fight that lower-grade felony charge.

Janette Fennell, founder of Kansas-based nonprofit child safety organization KidsAndCars.Org, said criminal charges were filed in just fewer than half of cases involving the deaths of children in hot cars in the United States between 1990 and 2015.

The district attorney was present for the hearing but didn't participate. Evans later told The Associated Press that the correct procedure would be for city officials to drop the original murder charge and enter a new culpable negligence charge. Evans said he's seen some information from the investigation, but couldn't comment on whether he believed Blunt knew the child was in the car.

“They'll have to bind it over to the grand jury and we'll have to look at it and decide whether to present it to the grand jury,” Evans said.

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Social Media Has Found Its Newest #PrisonBae

A photo of an attractive female inmate at the Pulaski Country Sheriff's Office in Arkansas found its way online and social media users are quickly dubbing the brown skin beauty the newest #PrisonBae.

Remember the original #PrisonBae or as others called him ‘Hot Mugshot Guy', Jeremy Meeks? His green eyes and full lips took the country by a storm and even landed the felon a modeling contract after his sentence was completed.

But back to the nameless Arkansas beauty.

We can all admit she's gorgeous, but her charges are anything but. According to the Ugly Plastic Tumblr (a site that features the mug shots of some of the most attractive women) she is charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, first degree battery, hindering prosecution and tampering with physical evidence.


And are really surprised by the men on Twitter who still think she's innocent?


There's no word on the name of social media's newest #PrisonBae, but it's only a matter of time before the Internet figures it out.

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Slain Motorist’s 13 Children Get $218,000 Each In Settlement

CINCINNATI (AP) — Each of the 13 children of a black motorist killed by a white University of Cincinnati police officer during a traffic stop for a minor violation will receive nearly $218,000 as part of a wrongful death settlement, a judge ruled Monday.

Hamilton County Probate Judge Ralph “Ted” Winkler also ordered Monday that Samuel DuBose's six siblings each will receive $32,000, his mother $90,000, and his father $25,000.

The family and the university had reached a $4.9 million settlement in January, following the July 2015 shooting death of the 43-year-old Dubose by officer Ray Tensing. The university subsequently fired the 26-year-old Tensing, who has pleaded not guilty to murder.

DuBose was shot by the officer as he tried to drive away from a traffic stop for a missing front license plate.

The judge ruled DuBose's children, who range in age from 4 to 23, should get $217,816.76 each from the settlement. About $1.67 million will go to attorneys.

Winkler said “the children have suffered the greatest loss, and the greatest amount of the settlement proceeds should be provided to (his) children.”

Michael Wright, one of many attorneys involved in the case, told The Cincinnati Enquirer that Winkler's ruling should help the family and “give them the opportunity to start the healing process.”

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Russell Simmons Speaks Out On $20 Million RushCard Settlement

Last year, Russell Simmons‘ company UniRush LLC experienced a service outage during a planned migration to a new transaction processor, preventing over 130,000 RushCard holders from accessing or depositing funds.

The mogul, who described that experience as “one of the most devastating times in my adult life,” is finally speaking out about how he and his company got things back on track.

Russell revealed to HipHop DX: “I put aside $25 million. That was never the problem in my mind… I am going to spend a lot more money than that in the community, in my peacekeeping programs, in RUSH and art education. We're gonna be in the community in a way that we've never been.”

Simmons has been dedicated to rebuilding the brand and seeking due justice for all of his customers. He offered free service to RushCard holders for five months, which sacrificed much of the company's profits. He also revealed plans to pay $100 to $500 per claim, plus an additional $1.5 million in legal fees.

Check out what else Russell Simmons had to say about RushCard, plus why he chose to endorse Hillary Clinton, here.


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Supreme Court Throws Out Death Sentence From All-White Jury

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled decisively in favor of a death-row inmate in Georgia on Monday, chastising state prosecutors for improperly keeping African-Americans off the jury that convicted him of killing a white woman.

The justices ruled 7-1 in favor of death row inmate Timothy Tyrone Foster in underscoring the importance of rules they laid out in 1986 to prevent racial discrimination in the selection of juries.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court that Georgia “prosecutors were motivated in substantial part by race” when they struck African-Americans from the jury pool.

But the court did nothing to limit peremptory strikes, lawyers' ability to reject potential jurors without offering any reason. The late Thurgood Marshall once said that racial discrimination would persist in jury selection unless peremptory strikes were curtailed.

The outcome probably will enable Foster to win a new trial, 29 years after he was sentenced to death.

Justice Clarence Thomas dissented, saying he would have respected the decisions of state judges who sided with prosecutors and rejected Foster's claims.

When the case was argued in November, the justices did little to hide their distaste for the tactics employed by prosecutors in north Georgia. Justice Elena Kagan said the case seemed as clear a violation “as a court is ever going to see.”

Still, Georgia courts had consistently rejected Foster's claims of discrimination, even after his lawyers obtained the prosecution's notes that revealed prosecutors' focus on the black people in the jury pool. In one example, a handwritten note headed “Definite No's” listed six people, of whom five were the remaining black prospective jurors.

The sixth person on the list was a white woman who made clear she would never impose the death penalty, according to Foster's lawyer, Stephen Bright. And yet even that woman ranked behind the black jurors, Bright said.

The court was more

Officer Acquitted In Freddie Gray Case, Still Faces Investigation

BALTIMORE (AP) — The Latest on the trial for an officer charged in the arrest of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died a week after he was critically injured in police custody (all times local):

11:50 a.m.

The Baltimore Police Department says that although an officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray has been acquitted, he remains on administrative duty while an internal investigation continues.

A judge acquitted Officer Edward Nero of all charges Monday. The police statement says Nero's investigation won't be completed until the criminal cases against all officers are complete. A total of six officers are charged in Gray's April 2015 death.

Freddie Gray was black. His death set off protests, looting and rioting. His name became a rallying cry in the national conversation about police treatment of black men.

Three of the officers charged are black; Nero and two others are white.

Nero was the second officer to stand trial. William Porter's manslaughter trial ended with a hung jury.

Other officers are set to have separate trials over the summer and into the fall.


11:45 a.m.

The judge who acquitted an officer of charges stemming from the death of the young black man Freddie Gray in Baltimore says he acted as any reasonable officer would have.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Barry Williams said Monday in comments from the bench that Officer Edward Nero wasn't involved in the actual arrest of Gray and that Nero touched Gray only after he was in handcuffs.

Gray died in April 2015 from injuries he suffered after his arrest in the back of a police van.

Nero's attorney had argued that it was the police van driver's responsibility to buckle in detainees. The judge says Nero could have thought the driver or supervisor would have buckled Gray in.

The judge rejected the prosecution argument that there was recklessness or negligence on Nero's more

Dr. Patti Sanders Smith Solicits Help To Prevent Three N.C. HBCUs From Closing

Roland Martin talks to President of the Winston-Salem State University National Alumni Association Dr. Patti Sanders Smith, about the new North Carolina bill that could shut down three HBCUs (Elizabeth City University, Fayetteville State University and Winston-Salem State University.

“This bill would reduce tuition at Winston Salem by 70%. The Divine Nine met in Raleigh and he met with us and said they were going to remove that portion of the bill (changing the universities name). They said that these schools have been chosen because of the dip in enrollment,” Dr. Sanders Smith said.

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    President Obama Signs Bill Eliminating Outdated Racial Terms From Federal Law

    If one was to use Donald Trump's logic and wanted to “Make America Great Again,” we'd be taken back to the days when racially dicey language was part of federal laws.

    It's a fact that laws have been written in this country with certain language that today would make us cringe, like: “Oriental” and “negro.”

    To deal with that, Congresswoman Grace Meng pushed a bill through Congress, which reads, in part:

    Section 211(f)(1) of the Department of Energy Organization Act (42 U.S.C. 7141(f)(1)) is amended by striking “a Negro, Puerto Rican, American Indian, Eskimo, Oriental, or Aleut or is a Spanish-speaking individual of Spanish descent” and inserting “Asian American, Native Hawaiian, a Pacific Islander, African-American, Hispanic, Puerto Rican, Native American, or an Alaska Native.”

    Mediaite reports that today, President Obama signed that bill into law and now that language will be removed.

    “Many Americans may not be aware that the word ‘Oriental' is derogatory. But it is an insulting term that needed to be removed from the books, and I am extremely pleased that my legislation to do that is now the law of the land,” Meng said in a statement.

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    How Did A Rope End Up Around A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Neck During A Class Trip?

    Police are investigating how a 12-year-old African-American student got severe rope burns around her neck while on a class trip.

    According to the Dallas Morning News, the girl and her mother believe that it wasn't an accident and instead was an intentional racial attack, which may have been a direct result of white students bullying her daughter for months. The private Live Oak Classical School, located in Waco, Texas is predominately white and the girl harmed was one of two Black students attending the overnight trip.

    According to the student, on April 28 they were playing with a rope swing attached to a tree and when it was her turn, she became tangled in the rope, which she believes was due to the students who were “helping” her swing. She claims that none of the students came to her aid when she fell to the ground with pieces of the rope stuck in her neck.

    Afterwards, she confronted the group, asking if they did “it on purpose” to which they denied her accusations.

    “It looked like somebody had ripped her neck apart and stitched it back together,” Sandy Rougely, the girl's mother, told the Morning News. Roughly also claimed that the school never contacted her about her daughter's injury. She first found out about it when she went to pick her child up when the trip was over–a full day later.

    Roughly has currently hired two lawyers to represent her and her daughter. T.J. Jones, one of her attorneys believes that this was no accident.

    “I don't know how you can look at her neck, at the pictures and think this was anything but intentional.” But he said even if what occurred was an accident, the way the school handled the situation was “beyond poor,” Jones said. more