The Boston Police And FBI Assassination Of Usaama Rahim!!

The Boston Police have a long history and tradition of shooting down unarmed and innocent Black men in acts of “police use of deadly force.” Their latest act was the collaboration with the FBI in the recent assassination of an Afrikan/Black man named Usaama Rahim. It was alleged by Boston Police Commissioner William Evans that Rahim had been “radicalized by ISIS” and had been under surveillance for at least two weeks. That was the police version of the story and immediately raised questions of its validity and quality of truth. Also Massachusetts Congressman Stephan Lynch spoke in behalf of the police in stating that Usaama Rahim “had been under observation for the last two years.” Our response to Lynch would be that we as Afrikan/ Black men have all been under “observation for the last 400 years. So whats new!!! Apparently Usaama Rahim was on his way to work at approximately 7:15 AM near a mall in Roslindale, MA. He was approached by four members of the FBI and on Boston cop who have been described as members of the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force. By the way the story was told by Evans, you would think that Rahim came face to face with smiling “officer friendlies.” The reality is that he was surrounded in a hostile manner and it was claimed that he had a knife as he was shot down in cold blood. The Boston Police and FBI immediately went into “untruth mode” by describing the killing of Rahim... Continue reading →

The Klu Klux Klan Culture of the Boston Police Department

During slavery, white slave masters hired white men who became what was to become known as “slave catchers.” The job of these low life men was to track down, capture and return runaway slaves to their respective slave owner. Over time the “slave catchers” evolved into what became police departments. Although having the mandate to prevent crime and maintain the peace, a prime component of the police through the years has been and continues to be to “serve and protect white people and “observe and oppress Afrikan/Black people. Fast forward to present day 2015 and you will find police brutality and use of “deadly force” against Afrikan/Black people to be of epidemic proportions. It has become the focal point of discussion in many towns and cities all across the country. Prime examples would be Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland with the recent police murder of Freddie Gray. People have been in the streets nationwide with the stated goal of changing the criminal “culture” of the police. It is a waste of time as the mentality in the police station houses in this country is one of “us against them (Afrikan/Black people).” This is not about ‘good cop versus bad cop,” but rather a “culture of police violence against Afrikan/Black people that has existed for hundreds of years!! You only have to look right here in Boston wherein Mayor Walsh and police commissioner Evans try to promote the false image that the police in this city are different from... Continue reading →

Federal Report Faults Police Actions During Ferguson Unrest

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Police antagonized crowds gathered to protest in Ferguson, violated free-speech rights and made it difficult to hold officers accountable, according to a U.S. Department of Justice report summary obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The summary cited “vague and arbitrary” orders to keep protesters moving that violated their rights of assembly and free speech. It is part of a longer “after-action” report to be delivered this week to top police officials in Ferguson, St. Louis city and county and the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The summary suggests that unrest that followed the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown was aggravated by the community's hostility toward Ferguson police and worsened when authorities didn't quickly divulge details of his death, the newspaper reported Tuesday.

“Had law enforcement released information on the officer-involved shooting in a timely manner and continued the information flow as it became available, community distrust and media skepticism would most likely have been lessened,” according to the document.

Brown, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot Aug. 9 by officer Darren Wilson, who is white. A grand jury and the Justice Department both declined to prosecute Wilson, who later resigned, but another Justice Department report released in March was critical of Ferguson police and the city's profit-driven municipal court system.

The after-action report, which then-Attorney General Eric Holder announced in September, looks at the way the four agencies responded in the first 16 days after the shooting and is separate from other federal civil rights inquiries into Brown's death and the overall policing practices of the Ferguson force, and done by the Justice Department's Community Oriented Policing Services office.

The new report, which the newspaper said is subject to revision, cited other problems, too: The use of dogs for crowd control incited fear and anger, and the DOJ suggested that more

Haywood Fennell – You’re Invited to the Official Campaign Kick-Off on June 30th

Please join us on Tuesday June 30th 2015 For our Kickoff Occasion: Campaign to Elect Haywood Fennell As City of Boston District 7 City Councilor PLACE: NEW FAITH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 66 Geneva Avenue Dorchester, Ma. 02121 TIME: 6:30 PM Volunteers call 617-828-4364 Send your Donations to 1850 Washington Street, Roxbury, MA. 02119 Committee to Elect Haywood Fennell

There is a clear need for the BMA and other organizations to support MAMLEO’s goals

June 28, 2015 The Massachusetts Association of Minority Law Enforcement Organization, Inc. (MAMLEO) has been the voice for minority police seeking equality in every area in their work as law enforcement officers and given respect for the work that they have done, do and will do. The History of Black law enforcement officers as well as the Black fire fighters is one of out right discrimination and sinister ploys to keep from promoting them no matter the score or time on the job. There was a case that I recall when a hanging noose was placed on the door of a Veteran Black police officer. In the earlier years Black officers were not welcomed by a predominantly Irish police force despite the fact that there is historic proof of Black benevolence towards the Irish during their times of struggling to survive here in Boston. During times of crisis in the City of Boston as in the last couple of shootings, the Mayor and the Office of the DA call on Church leaders and other known organization leaders to stand with them. It is time for these leaders to stand with MAMLEO in their strive for Justice and equal opportunities. Not only should these folks stand with and for MAMLEO, they should have a very loud voice in support. Keep in mind that the members of MAMLEO work to stop crime and that is far from easy, especially when the community seldom see Black officers in homicide units, white collar crime... Continue reading →

Fire Hazard at the Grove Hall Stop and Shop

The Grove Hall Stop and Shop super market had one of its main doors closed for some time that presented a fire hazard to its customers. After several conversations with the management to no avail by customers, Rev. Robert A. Washington had more direct conversations with management but the door remained close. The issue involved more than just a closed door and other thoughts were generated with the involvement of Haywood Fennell, Sr., who is actively involved in the race to become the next District 7 City Councilor. Calls to the Mayor’s office that referred Haywood to the Office of Inspection Services who granted permission for the closing door who suggested that the headquarters of Stop and Shop located in Quincy be called. Excuses by a Stop and Shop official were made, but not accepted. A promise to further study the closing door matter was to be taken under advisement with a promise by the official to get back to us. Plans to do a direct action to encourage selected buying was suggested not only for having created a hazardous situation, but for the varied pricing of foods and other merchandise in the Stop and Shop stores. The door has been opened and we will begin looking at how we can get lower prices for items purchased at Stop and Shop. As your next District 7 City Councilor, I will work within the District with constituents interested in doing what we can for ourselves and be respected. Haywood Fennell, Sr.,... Continue reading →

Bank Of America, Wells Fargo Donate To Charleston Victims Fund

According to the Charlotte Observer, Bank of America has given $100,000 to the victims of the June 17 Charleston shooting and to a Charleston African American history museum which is set to open in 2017.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and we hope this support will help those impacted as we mourn this tragedy,” said Kim Wilkerson, South Carolina president, Bank of America, which did not issue a press release about it.

The Observer report says half of BOA's donation will go to the Low Country Ministries – Reverend Pinckney Fund, which provides support to the families of the shooting victims at the Mother Emanuel AME Church. The massacre left nine dead, including the late Rev. Clementa Pinckney, whose namesake fund also supports his ministries.

The other half of the bank's donation will go to the new International African American Museum, which will tell the history of African Americans of Charleston and the rest of the U.S. and “serve as a new place of healing for the community.” It will open in 2017.

Additionally, this week, San Francisco-based Wells Fargo Bank, which operates its largest employment hub in Charlotte, also said it has committed $100,000 to the Pinckney fund. more

How The Latest Congressional Inaction May Hurt Small Businesses & Main Street

Source: (Photo by Alex Wong) / Getty

On June 30th, the Export-Import Bank's charter will expire if Congress refuses to act. House Republicans are in full swing to diminish Ex-Im bank's ability to fulfill its mission — supporting American jobs through American exports. Without reauthorization, the Bank can't provide new loans, which will only bolster foreign companies that are competing with U.S. companies in global markets.

The 80-year old bank plays a vital role in stimulating American exports, especially from small businesses facing significant challenges raising financing and guarantees needed to compete in the global marketplace. When private sector lenders are unable or unwilling to provide financing, Ex-Im fills in the gap by helping American businesses secure the financing tools they need to be competitive with foreign clients. In doing so, the Bank levels the playing field for American goods and services, and thereby helps American companies create more good-paying jobs here in the United States.

In fiscal year 2014, the total value of exports supported by Ex-Im Bank amounted to almost $27.5 billion. These transactions supported 164,000 U.S. jobs at no cost to taxpayers, and the bank generated approximately $675 million in deficit-reducing receipts transferred to the U.S. Treasury. Of the 3,746 transactions Ex-Im approved last year, almost 90 percent supported American small businesses. This means more opportunities for women, veteran, and minority-owned businesses. This year, the Ex-Im Bank was named as a top government agency for multicultural business opportunities.

It is clear that helping American businesses compete and sell more goods and services abroad should not be up for debate. Reaching the 95 percent of consumers living outside U.S. borders is vitally important for jobs creation in the United States. Our top trading competitors now provide nearly half a trillion dollars in export assistance annually, more than 18 times the level of more

Barack Obama’s Brother Sells Letter That Reveals Race Motivated Obama’s Political Career

A revealing handwritten letter from President Barack Obama to his half-brother, Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama has been sold.

According to Page Six, the letter — written in July 1995, before Obama's political career began, and sold by Malik — details the commander-in-chief's reason for stepping into the world of politics. Among those reasons is the desire to “deal with some serious issues blacks face here.”

“Some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province),” Obama wrote. “I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some serious ­issues blacks face here.”

Although he is interested in entering the political arena, in the letter, Obama admitted he didn't like meetings as well as an intent to be a part-time politician.

“Of course, it involves a lot of campaigning, going to meetings and so on, which I don't find so attractive,” he said. “Anyway, if I win it will only be a part-time post, and I will ­continue my work as a lawyer.”

Prior to a collector buying the letter for an undisclosed amount, it was offered to various parties, including the Los Angeles-based memorabilia dealer Moments in Time, Page Six notes, adding that Malik sold it “as a package with a copy of a manuscript of Obama's memoir, Dreams From My Father, with handwritten notes.

In the letter, Obama goes on to give Malik an update on future First Lady Michelle Obama and his mother, who died later that year.

“Michelle is fine, also busy with her work,” Obama wrote. “My mom's health has been stabilized for now, but she is by no means cured and continues to undergo extensive treatment.”

Ending the letter with, “Much love — Barack,” Obama didn't sign off without weighing in on news more

NC Prison Worker Had Sex with Convicted Murderer, Aided in Escape

LEXINGTON, N.C. (AP) — An inmate who authorities say escaped from a North Carolina lockup with the help of a prison employee has been recaptured, according to a state prisons spokeswoman.

Kristopher McNeil, 29, was in custody in the Davidson County Jail, Department of Public Safety Communications Director Pamela Walker said early Monday morning.

Authorities have said McNeil, who was serving a sentence for second-degree murder, escaped Saturday. A day later, a 33-year-old prison kitchen worker was charged with helping him escape.

Citizens recognized McNeil from media reports and called law enforcement late Sunday, Walker said. He was picked up walking along a road near the Davidson/Forsyth County line in central North Carolina, more than 80 miles north of Polkton, where he'd been incarcerated in the Brown Creek Correctional Institution, according to Walker.

“We appreciate the many law enforcement agencies working closely by the department's side working to get McNeil back in custody,” Director of Prisons George Solomon said in a statement. “We are especially grateful to the citizens who called in tips and anyone who aided in his capture without anyone getting hurt.”

McNeil, who had been scheduled for release in 2018, will be taken to Central Prison in Raleigh, Walker said. He will face escape charges which could add one to three years to his sentence, Walker said.

Kendra Lynette Miller, 33, who began working at the Polkton prison in December, faces multiple charges connected to Saturday's escape, including harboring a fugitive and aiding and abetting a fugitive.

Miller is also charged with having sex with an inmate and providing a cellphone. An Anson County Jail official said Sunday she did not have a lawyer. Her bond was set at $500,000, prison officials said.

Miller and McNeil are believed to have worked in the prison kitchen together, Walker said. Prison authorities believe McNeil scaled the fence more

Detroit Police Chase Causes Deaths Of 2 Children, Critically Injures Others

Michaelangelo Jackson, 6, and his younger sister, Makiah Jackson, 3, were struck and killed by a vehicle being chased through a residential neighborhood by Detroit police, USA Today reports.

Lorenzo Harris, 29, was allegedly on the run on Wednesday, June 24, due to a parole violation. As he was being chased through Detroit's East Side, the Chevy Camaro he was driving was allegedly clipped by police, causing it to fly into the air.

A family friend who was on the scene described the horrific incident to the Voice of Detroit:

“I'm the last one they talked to. They looked at me, they were here, I saw their faces. L'il Mama (Makiah) thought I was going to take them to the park, so she came with me to the sidewalk. I told her I promise I'll take you to the park tomorrow.”

“[The police] were right on their rear, the police car bumped their tail a little bit, and the car flew up in the air,” the friend said. “There was no need for the police to be that close. I yelled ‘WATCH OUT' but it was too late. When the car hit them, both of them just looked at me. They screamed. It just keeps re-playing in my head. … I ran down there, I yelled out their names, but they were gone. Makiah's eyes were wide open, they died on impact.”

Even after Harris allegedly dragged the children for a few feet, the police did not stop the chase. Instead, they chased the vehicle as it careened into other front lawns before ultimately crashing into the driveway of another home. That's where Harris struck Darius Andrews, Jr., 3, Isaiah Williams, 5, and Zyaire Gardner, 7. All the children suffered serious injuries and Zyaire's lungs collapsed. more

P.A.C.E. Straight A’s Summer Leadership Program

Greetings Everyone,   Summer time is near and P.A.C.E. is excited to offer our cultural arts and education program in Mattapan for the past 4 years.      P.A.C.E. Straight A’s Summer Leadership Program is an Out of School Time summer program that offers a well rounded program in academic and cultural enrichment for students ages 4-9. Straight A’s has a strong academic support/literacy focus and a quality cultural arts curriculum specialized in dance, music, spoken word, visual arts as well as martial arts and wellness.  This year we are hosting our Straight A’s Summer Leadership at the Mildred Ave. School.   Please see attached flyer as we still have slots available. Anyone interested must contact our Program Director -Ms. Mendy at 617.331.3857 or 617.708.0300 and/or email Applications are available by appointments only.    Thanks and always remember to -   Engage, Encourage and Empower our Youth   Bwanda — Bwanda D. Gerome  M.Ed Founder/Executive Director The Institute for Pan African Cultural Education Inc. (P.A.C.E.)  P.O. Box 260577                                                                                                           Mattapan, MA 02126 617.708.0300   Engage Encourage Empower our Youth