50 Cent Calls On Drake And Chris Brown To Help Him Finish Pop Smoke’s Album

As the hip-hop community continues to mourn the death of Pop Smoke50 Cent hopped on Instagram on Sunday to announce his plans to finish the rapper’s album.

“I’m on the move listening to Pop smoke, I decided I’m gonna executive produce and finish his album for him,” he wrote on Instagram. After his announcement, 50 put Roddy Ricch on alert that his talent will be required to feature on the project.

“Tell @roddyricch i’m looking for him, i need him on Pop album,” 50 wrote on Instagram. He also called on Chris Brown and Drake for their help in completing Smoke’s debut effort.

Ricch responded to 50’s request with a handshake emoji.


Smoke was shot and killed at a Los Angeles residence he was renting last month. Weeks before his senseless murder, the 20-year-old Brooklyn native released his “Meet the Woo 2,” which debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard 200.

Smoke’s manager, Steven Victor, has confirmed that he’s down with 50 Cent completing Pop’s album.

Check out 50’s posts below.

The family of Pop Smoke, born Bashar Jackson, issued a statement on the passing, noting an investigation has not led to any suspects in Smoke’s murder.

Read the statement in full below:

The family of Bashar ‘Pop Smoke’ Jackson would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support. Every prayer, call, and act of kindness is deeply appreciated as we mourn the loss of our son, brother and friend.

Brooklyn knew him as Bashar. He was educated and nurtured in Brooklyn and his rise to fame all developed from the place he proudly represented. Within the last year, his extraordinary giftedness was revealed to the world, introducing Pop Smoke.

Unfortunately, there are no public details available regarding the murder of our loved one. We ask for respect and responsible reporting during this critical time. Inaccurate reports only add unnecessary pain to a grieving family.

The Jackson family also announced that “full details” for the artist’s foundation will soon be revealed:

Brooklyn was the backdrop for all that Bashar loved. It’s where he was raised, nurtured , and educated prior to the world being introduced to his immense talent as the artist Pop Smoke.

We continue to ask for respect and privacy during these difficult times. In accordance with Bashar’s wishes, we will be announcing the full details of his foundation soon.

“Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.”

The autopsy report states Pop Smoke died from a gunshot that punctured his torso. The investigation into his death continues.

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