‘A Queen Who Knows Her Worth’: Reginae Carter Opens Up About Ending Relationship with YFN Lucci on ‘Friends and Family Hustle’

It looks like Reginae Carter is happier than ever being single.

In the premiere of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” on Monday, April 13, the 21-year-old reality star spoke about calling it quits with rapper YFN Lucci last August. The former couple dated off and on for about two years before Carter called off their tumultuous relationship.

Reginae Carter
YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter @reginaecarter.yfnlucci/Instagram

She told viewers that the last straw in their relationship was when the “Heartless” rapper attended Trouble and Alexis Skyy’s controversial cucumber-themed pool party last summer in Atlanta.

“After a long off-and-on again relationship, me and Lucci are finally done. I feel like he didn’t have respect for me like he did at the beginning,” Carter said in her confessional. “Of course the cucumber party was the last straw for me. I feel like it’s not respectful for a man who’s in a relationship to be there. It’s certain things that you just don’t do especially dating me.”

She told her mother Toya Johnson and soon-to-be stepfather Robert Rushing that she was still dealing with the “heartbreak” of their breakup, but noted that she was in a “healthy space mentally.”

“Friends and Family Hustle” viewers applauded Carter for walking away from her “toxic” relationship with Lucci.

“I’m so glad she let that man GO !!! That relationship was toxic from the beginning. Reginae is way to young, smart, and beautiful to be dealing with that 🤷‍♀️.”

“So glad she got sense unlike these other girls that’s older than her. We stan a queen who knows her worth”

“She reallly smart and glad she left before she was in too deep knowing she deserve better”

“I always say this there’s just certain things you don’t do especially dating me. Yassss Girl know your worth 😍

“I know deep down inside Toya innerself is jumping for Joy😂😅but I’m Glad Nae let that Toxicness go 🙌

Reginae Carter
YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter @ @grindtimenation

Carter apparently caught her ex-boyfriend flirting with other women at the pool party after she attended the event to spy on him. After receiving backlash for going to the party, she later explained she was there for Lucci.

“I went to the party to spy on ray [Lucci],” Carter tweeted on August 5, 2019. “Females, don’t act like you never did it. But when I heard about the cucumber activities, I left.” She continued, “Tbh, I’ve made myself look like a fool for this man and I apologize for allowing you guys to see it. … I was loosing myself but baby I promise imma FIND ME again.”

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