‘Best’: Simone Biles Blows the Handstand Challenge Away by Taking Off Her Pants Upside Down

Simone Biles wowed the internet by doing the handstand challenge, which became popular once celebrities such as Lolo Jones participated in it.

The idea is to put on a shirt while still doing a handstand. The person also uses a wall for support. Jones posted a video of herself doing it on April 4, but she put on two shirts instead of one.

Simone Biles joined the handstand challenge, but she blew away the competition. (Photo: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Biles’ video came on Sunday, April 12, and she raised the level of difficulty by taking off her sweatpants while doing a handstand. Plus, she did it in the middle of the room without wall support like the rest. She also completed the challenge in under one minute.

The video garnered more than 14,000 comments, and people couldn’t help but tell Biles how impressed they were.

“Best handstand ever,” wrote one of her followers.

“Sure as hell beats the pants off the tshirt challenge,” wrote someone else.

“Can’t wait to see you do this again while tumbling into the pit 😩🤗😂,” another person commented.

Like many celebrities, Biles has been sharing some of what she’s been doing while sheltering in place because of COVID-19.

Last week, for example, she shared a photo of herself with a glass of wine and wrote “Working wine to five.”

But relaxing with a drink is the least of the things that Biles is doing while at home. She also posted a video of herself training, which really blew people away.

“Stay home and stay focused! 🤍 #PowerRunsInTheFamily#stayhome,” Biles captioned the video.

“Wow. Just…wow.🙌🏽,” wrote one of her followers about the training clip.

“You have amazing strength and agility God bless you,” another person stated.

Both the workout video and the handstand clip have been viewed some two million times.

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