‘Foxy Brown Vibes’: Cynthia Bailey Leaves Fans in Awe of Her Afro Wig

Cynthia Bailey appears to be winding back time with her new hairstyle. The supermodel took to the ‘Gram to sport her curly brown ombré-style Afro wig. Bailey rocked a full beat face of pink makeup and paired her selfie with a motivating message about trying to be the best version of herself.

Bailey wore a burgundy dress to enhance her look. Fans assumed the star was preparing for her upcoming reunion for the reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Social media users seemingly loved the star’s curly locks and posted their reactions on Instagram.

Cynthia Bailey sporting her golden wig. @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

“Where is your WIG LINE?!?!” asked a fan.

“All her pics look like they are front cover of a magazine 😍😍✨❤,” a second fan exclaimed.

A third fan gushed, “This wig to me is everything!!!! Omg, where to get one please?”

A fourth user wrote, “Beautiful and fierce like always! 💜.”

“Giving me Pam Grier foxy brown vibes 💖🔥,” commented a fifth.

A sixth fan said, “THIS is your look, babygirl! I mean every look is dope on you but this one really pops❤❤.”

The television personality has been switching up her hair a lot these days. Bailey took off her wig and flaunted her naturally short black tresses to her millions of followers last month. Bailey opened up to fans about the importance of taking care of one’s hair underneath protective styles.

Cynthia Bailey gives fans a look at her natural black hair. @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

In addition to showing off her natural hair, Bailey is seemingly practicing self care this year by taking care of her body. The model revealed that she goes to the spa twice a month for facials, in addition to drinking lots of water to keep her skin looking young and healthy. The beauty queen is also staying active by staying consistent with her workouts and occasionally going pole dancing, like she did on her birthday.

Cynthia Bailey told fans her New Year’s resolution was for her to stay consistent in the gym. @cynthiabailey10/Instagram

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