‘He Nailed It’: Deion Sanders Encourages Fans to Be Healthy, Make Positive Changes Amid COVID-19 Crisis

As the number of people who’ve been infected with the coronavirus increase, as well as the overall concern about catching it, Deion Sanders sent a message to his 1.1 million Twitter followers.

In it, Sanders addressed the problems surrounding education, health care and other areas, and he wants people to focus on finding solutions like their focusing on the virus.

Deion Sanders sent a series of messages related to the coronavirus and told his followers to remain healthy. (Photo: Icon Sportswire/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

“There’s a virus that has the whole world’s attention because it’s a threat to all but there’s been a Poverty, Educational, Healthcare, Parenting, Joblessness, Crime & RACIAL virus that’s been Killing our communities 4ever,” Sanders tweeted on March 10. “Let’s focus on this 1 with the same Solvency please. #Truth.”

“Say it again for the ones in the back!!” one of his followers tweeted afterward.

“Preach on, Prime,” wrote someone else. “Problem is that many in our country want to use today’s virus to keep in place and further deepen those other ones you mentioned.”

Even those who admitted they aren’t the biggest Sanders supporters agreed with his tweet.

“I’m the furthest thing from a Deion fan but he nailed it,” wrote another one of his followers.

Sanders uploaded the same message to his Instagram page on Wednesday March 11, then shared another post about the coronavirus.

“I understand in this day & time we must take care [of] ourselves & not leave that burden to anyone else,” he wrote. “But some of us GOD has called to reach, teach, preach & deposit LOVE, positivity, 4giveness, peace & unity. Let’s unite the people & help them arrive at that place called THERE. #Truth.”

Sanders posted another message about the virus on March 12, as well. In that one, he told people to make some positive changes in their life.

“We’ve dealt with unexpected deaths from notable figures, family members & we now have a virus that’s taking us into uncharted territory,” he wrote. “Now that life has your attention when are u gon change your actions, ways & thinking so that you live a Prosperous, Positive, Productive life.”

For the most part, all of the messages that Sanders posted about the virus were well received.

“So true i love that you use your platform for good and get people thinking about what is true and real God Bless,” someone wrote under the March 12 Instagram post.

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