House Slaves? Spike Lee Blasts Black Trump Supporters Praying Over President in Viral White House Photo

Oscar-winning filmmaker Spike Lee didn’t mince words in his rebuke of  several publicly outspoken Black supporters of President Donald Trump seen laying hands on the disputed POTUS in a moment of prayer.

In a caption posted to Instagram, the “Do The Right Thing” director admonished the group, likening them to house slaves.

Donald Trump Prayer Photo
Filmmaker Spike Lee took issue with a White House photo showing several African-American supporters praying over President Donald Trump. @officialspikelee/Instagram

“Massa, We Love You Massa. We Gonna Pray Fo’ You Massa.’ Singing- ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, ‘” Lee wrote alongside a photo showing supporters like Candace Owens, comedian Terrence Williams, vloggers “Diamond and Silk” and several others as they prayed for Trump during a special Black History Month event hosted at the White House late last month. 

The 73-year-old president spent part of the event bragging on himself and arguing that he deserved “100 percent” support for his record on issues impacting the Black community. He went on to praise Black folks, who he said “have “lifted up our nation to new heights — and, like all citizens, you’re entitled to a government that puts your needs, your interests, [and] your families first.”

Sisters Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, aka “Diamond and Silk,” returned the lip service and described Trump as a true “champion” whose policies have aided in the betterment of the African-American community.

“You know, I keep hearing the left talk about they’re a champion [for] this, and a champion for that,” Hardaway said. “Well, when is a champion going to win, because they ain’t winning! We’ve already found a champion, a true champion right here in our president, President Donald J. Trump.”

Despite a supposed bump in support for Trump among Black voters, many of Lee’s supporters agreed with his scathing reproach.

“When will we ever learn that tap dancing for massa has no value or brings nothing to our community,” one of his followers commented under the post. “This picture is appalling in more ways than one. We need to unite on the front of getting this clown out of office. Simple and plain!”

“What in the sambo, chicken George, shucking and jiving shit is going on up in there!” another chimed in.

One critic said they hoped “this photo is photoshopped.”

Still, there were those who took issue with Lee’s approach.

“Lee loses his mind anytime another black person wanders off the plantation,” one user wrote.

Another agreed, writing: “You [Lee] just can’t accept the fact that there’s black people who support trump.”

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