‘Keeping It 100’: Cam’ron Accuses ‘Uncut Gems’ Director of Using Him and Offering a ‘Sucker’ Role

Cam’ron decided to call out Joshua Safdie, who, along with his brother Benjamin Safdie, directed the 2019 film “Uncut Gems” starring Adam Sandler.

Sandler plays real-life jeweler Izzy Aranbayev, who’s based in New York City’s Diamond District. According to Cam’ron, Joshua said he’d have a major part in the film, along with Jonah Hill.

Cam’ron called out the co-director of the film “Uncut Gems” on Instagram. (Photo: Tom Briglia/WireImage via Getty Images)

But Hill wasn’t in the movie, nor was Cam’ron, and Cam’ron accused Joshua of using him so he and Sandler could meet Aranbayev.

Cam’ron made the accusation Sunday on Instagram and included a video by Complex News that showed Aranbayev talking about the introduction. To prepare for the role, Sandler studied Aranbayev and his business for a period of time.

“Thanks @izzyaviannes for keeping it 100,” wrote Cam’ron in the caption of the video. “booger_nose used me to get To you and the family. Then tried to give me a sucker a– role. When they told me it was supposed to be me and @jonahhill starring in it before @adamsandler got on board (uncut Jems) then didn’t even give me a thank you in the credits.”

“@booger_nose is still my guy,” he added. “But this needed to be said. And talk about my consultant fee lol.. Love and congrats to all.”

After Cam’ron’s message surfaced, a lot of his followers said they would’ve loved to see him in the film. Some also want to see him get paid.

“Speed that Killa need that $$$$ 💪💪💪,” one person wrote, using Cam’ron’s moniker.

“The Movie needed killa,” wrote another.

“So basically that movie couldve even been more 🔥……we need part 2 w killa lol,” someone else stated.

“If they don’t credit you cool,” a fourth person chimed in. “I just hope you get the bag and hey, uncut gems 💎 2 costarring you may just need to happen.”

Despite making a name for himself as a solo rapper and a member of The Diplomats, also known as Dipset, Cam’ron has a few acting credits under his belt.

One could easily say that his most popular role is Rico from the 2002 cult classic film “Paid in Full.” He’s also played in the Roc-A-Fella Films-produced comedy “Death of a Dynasty,” as well as “State Property 2.”

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