Kenya Is Getting No Sympathy Over Those Marc Daly Cheating Rumors

So here’s where we left off last week on RHOA: Kenya and Marc’s relationship was in shambles and they were to announce their split. We saw this coming for weeks as Marc basically treated Kenya like his side chick and gave her nothing but disrespect for the entirety of their relationship.

This week opened with Kenya feeling depressed as her marriage fell apart. Kandi and Cynthia tried to offer her some comfort and sister love but Twitter didn’t want it to happen. Everyone was quick to remind us of Kenya’s shadiness and how she used her marriage to shade everyone else.

The whole split stemmed from the previous night’s charity event that Kenya detailed this week:

“He ended up getting in the Uber, we took off and then he was just like livid. He was like, ‘I didn’t even want you to come.’ Somehow I ruined his night. Every time he gets mad, he goes in, he goes for my throat. He can’t stop until he feels like he is just completely destroying me.”

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NeNe agreed with Twitter, though, and said that “Karma is a b****” for Kenya trying to fool with Tanya’s engagement earlier in the season.

Kenya’s not getting much sympathy and the pile-on is real.

Take a look:

Nene is definitely the voice of the people here as she is adamant that this is Karma for Kenya’s messiness. As you know, Nene and Kenya have been tussling all season and it’s only gotten worse as the year has progressed. Nene is getting love from the people, too.


“Kandi and Cynthia: Let’s be sensitive to her situation

Nene: She should have thought about that before she brought another woman to tanya


As you can see, Nene isn’t alone in her belief that this is all Karma. The internet and RHOA fans have seen Kenya’s shadiness and how it has all come tumbling down on her in the last two weeks. We’re not here to say either way, but, man, this is all really unfortunate.



Watching Karma catch up to Kenya like…”

This is what the kids call “receipts.” Kenya has such a long history of shade and putting down other marriages and relationships. This is an absolute definition of what goes around comes around.



“Kenya played all up in Phaedra marriage, played with Kim Fields marriage and spread rumors, bullied Kim Fields, bullied Porsha, brought the cookie lady to Tanya, shamed Tanya for not having kids and a husband and now we’re supposed to have a pity party for her? #RHOA”

Even more receipts. These are a lot of marriages Kenya has messed with and it goes back YEARS. Remember Phaedra and Apollo? That’s just so much. We hope this gives Kenya a chance and introspection.


“Marriages Kenya attacked:

Phaedra & Apollo

Kim Fields & Chris

Nene & Gregg

Tanya & Paul

Bullied Kim Fields, Porsha, Tanya and we’re supposed to have a pity party for her? #RHOA”

Of course, it all goes back to a couple of weeks ago when Kenya brought the cookie lady to meddle with Tanya’s marriage. Kenya thought she had some tea to ruin a marriage, whole time Marc was with the sh*ts in their marriage.


“To find out that Kenya brought this fake a$$ cookie lady to attempt to embarrass Tanya…when the whole time, Kenya had her own cookie lady???#RHOA”


We really think when it’s all said and done, Kenya is going to regret the way she acted towards Tanya. That was what she will be remembered by all season, especially with the Marc situation happening.


“So this whole time, Marc has been cheating on Kenya, yet Kenya has the time to be trying to brew some tea against Tanya and her man??? #RHOA”

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