Listen: Juan & Lisa Winans Debut “It Belongs To Me” Song Feat. Marvin Winans [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

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Grammy-nominated duo Juan and Lisa Winans are gearing up to release a new song featuring their uncle, Marvin Winans, this Friday but you can hear it here first (press play up top)!

“It Belongs To Me” speaks to what it’s like trusting and believing in the promises of God, even during tribulation. Bishop Marvin Winans lends his voice to the couple’s smooth sound much needed in today’s current climate (re: coronavirus). 

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A press release states: 

Juan and Lisa Winans are today’s millennial Christian couple showcasing true #RelationshipGoals. Juan Winans began his career with the Billboard #1 Gospel Album, “Winans Phase 2: We Got Next.” Juan Winans and his sister Deborah Joy Winans (“Greenleaf”) toured in the original musical Born For This: The BeBe Winans Story. Lisa Winans (formerly Lisa Kimmey) is best known as one third of the Contemporary Christian Music trio, Out of Eden. The group was active from 1994 to 2006, producing seven albums. During Lisa’s tenure with Out of Eden, she appeared on the 90’s sitcom “Moesha,” and hosted original programming for the Gospel Music Channel. In 2006, Out of Eden retired and released a greatest hits compilation. The trio reunited in 2014 for a special Gotee Records compilation album with a cover of House of Hero’s single “Constant.”After years of leading worship across the country, in 2018, the couple merged their gifts on their debut duo effort, “A Little Soul for Christmas.”

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