Missy Elliott Talks To Desus & Mero About Her Approach To Making Timeless Music [Video]

Last week, Desus & Mero visited Atlanta, Georgia to stop by The Swag Shop and chop it up with the one-and-only Killer Mike. While it seemed like that was the sole reason the duo flew down South, it looks like they had some more tricks up their sleeve before leaving the A.

On Monday, a brand new episode of Desus & Mero dropped, and this week, the boys interviewed hip-hop legend, Missy Elliott. This whole encounter is clearly a big deal for not only the Bodega Boys but for Missy, too, as she’s clearly a fan of the Bronx natives. These three have an undeniable chemistry with non-stop laughs as they talk about being one of the greatest rappers of our time, how she goes about making such timeless music, what goes into making such iconic music videos, and Missy’s relationship with Magoo.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a conversation with Desus & Mero if sneakers weren’t involved, especially because Missy Elliott is such a sneakerhead herself.

Check out the extended, 20-minute interview down below to hear Desus Nice, The Kid Mero, and Missy Elliott talk about music, fashion, sneakers, and everything in between. You’ll be glad you did.

This article was originally posted on Bossip.com.


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