PODCAST: Actor Jamie Hector and Entrepreneur Jacquece Jennings

In this week’s episode Ryanne interviews actor Jamie Hector and entrepreneur Jacquece Jennings.

Segment 1: Jamie Hector, known for his iconic role of drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield (voted # 2 greatest villain of all time by Rolling Stone) on HBO’s critically-acclaimed series The Wire is making a mark in the upcoming season of Amazon’s most popular and longest-running television series, Bosch. season 6 will debut on Friday, April 17. His previous credits include Starz’ hit series Power, USA Network’s popular crime-drama Queen of the South,” and FX’s horror-drama The Strain.

Segment 2: Jacquece Jennings broke into the CBD business, which has been extremely difficult for people of color to get into. Not only does she have a ton of products for people, but pets get the hookup too! She will share misconceptions of CBD, updates around CBD legislation and also the healing powers of CBD to address pain, anxiety, depression and other health-related issues that face our communities. So tune in to this segment about a young black businesswoman who is really making noise in what is expected to be one of the world’s largest billion-dollar industries by 2022.

Host: Ryanne
Edited by: Jamie Broadnax
Music by: Sammus

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