‘Really Cool’: Shaquille O’Neal Surprises a Group of First Graders Who Are Attending Class on FaceTime

Shaquille O’Neal surprised a teacher and her first grade students at East Lake Elementary in the Atlanta suburb of McDonough, Georgia, this week while they were having class on FaceTime because of the pandemic.

According to TMZ, O’Neal is a family friend of a student who goes to the school, and out of nowhere he popped up on the screen, then started greeting everyone. The teacher and students had no idea that he’d appear.

Shaquille O’Neal surprised a bunch of first graders by popping up during class. (Photo: Rick Kern / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

O’Neal also said hello to the students by name when he showed up, and their parents rushed to their screens to witness what was happening, plus take pictures.

One parent then encouraged his child to say hello to O’Neal when his name was called, while another parent said O’Neal is “the man.”

He stayed on screen for a few minutes in total, then left after telling the students to be good and listen to their parents.

“It was really cool,” said one parent about the experience.

There’s something else O’Neal did that many found cool or at least funny: It’s a clip of him spraying Lysol all over the place in slow motion as music plays in the background.

“Thanks LYSOL . Everybody be safe love y’all #LYSOLCHALLENGE,” O’Neal captioned the video.

The video was watched over 1 million times, and many told O’Neal how much they enjoyed it.

“Big homie u a fool with this one,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“Hilarious! Young man! Hilarious!” wrote another.

“Aww shaq ur awesome,” a third message read.

But there were some who thought the video was dangerous because some may copy O’Neal’s actions.

“It’s hilarious but there’s alot of idiots out there and will do this,” someone warned.

“I hope this is fake,” another person wrote.

“i dont think thats how it works shaq,” someone else stated.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLA8EJQa8ZU?feature=oembed&w=640&h=360]
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