‘Really Steve’: Fans Crack Up at Steve Harvey’s Excitement Over Wife Marjorie’s Cooking

If you ask Lori Harvey where she gets her favorite pizza from, her answer may come as a surprise. The 23-year-old Harvey claimed her mother, Marjorie Harvey, makes some “next level” pizza. Lori is apparently not the only person in their family who enjoys her mother’s cooking. Marjorie posted a video to Instagram of her husband, Steve Harvey, indulging in a slice of her famous dish.

On Saturday, April 25, Marjorie whipped up a pizza for dinner. The comedian apparently asked his wife to make her signature Chicago-style pie. Steve can be seen cutting a slice of pizza in the social media clip. Marjorie asks her husband, “Is it good?” He said, “Yes, it’s pretty good, baby.” She responded, “Pretty good, or …” Steve replied, “It’s excellent.” Marjorie told her husband “thank you” at the end of the video.

Marjorie Harvey’s Chicago-style pizza. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Marjorie, the founder of The Lady Loves Couture blog, revealed in her caption that she hadn’t eaten meat in a while but on this occasion she treated herself to a slice of her “delicious” pizza. But it was Steve’s reaction to her meal that caused fans to crack up.

“Really Steve…You bypass the slices close to you just to get the big slice! 🤣 #thinklikeaman 😂.”

“He love Pizza😂😂😂.”

“Why did he cut the pizza like that Lolol 😂😂😂,” a third asked.

“Steve is sharp, even in quarantine!🍕.”

“Mr. Harvey looks Happy 😃 LOL.”

😂his anxiousness to eat that meat looks like a kid in a candy store ready to chow down with zero disturbances 😂🤣😂🤣🤣.”

A seventh wrote, “It’s the quarantine in all of us.. it’s ok @iamsteveharveytv.”

“That looks SO good! UNC love his pizza. 🍕😃.”

Marjorie and Steve Harvey. @iamsteveharveytv/Instagram

The Harveys temporarily resided in Chicago from 2012 to 2016, so it’s no surprise the couple fell in love with the city’s pizza. Steve’s “The Steve Harvey Show” talk show was filmed in the Windy City for five seasons, but its production relocated to Los Angeles for season 6. The network executives made a decision to rename the talk show “Steve” once production moved to the West Coast.

Steve was canceled and replaced in its TV slot by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” last year. “The Think Like A Man” author landed a new talk show on Facebook titled “Steve On Watch.”

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