‘Russ Is Over It!’: Ciara Filing Her Nails Sparks This Reaction From Husband Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is clearly at his wits’ end when it comes to some personal-grooming activities of his wife Ciara.

The happily married couple gave fans a glimpse of their sheltering-in-place life during the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, April 21, the “Promise” singer took to Instagram and posted a video of herself practicing an at-home manicure with Wilson beside her.

Ciara, who was barefaced and rocking blond beach waves, began filing away at her nails. With each movement her husband kept looking in her direction and made several annoyed facial expressions.

Russell Wilson and Ciara @ciara/Instagram

The “1, 2 Step” diva chuckled at Wilson’s reaction and said to the camera, “This is how it goes ladies. Just another day in quarantine.”

Wilson gave his wife a hard eye roll before hilariously placing his hand over his face. Ciara wrote in her caption, “When the nail shop is closed 🤣. #QurantineLife”

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback’s reactions left fans in stitches.

“Omg that side eye he gave you is life. I love that you all aren’t fake about how real marriage looks. 🤣

“Girl Russ is over it! 🤣

“Does Russ know this is like every girl at home right now?! 😂

“She driving him cray! 😂 Russ said he can’t take no mo lol. I love these two I swear”

“That glow is giving me life Ciara ☺💕 but Russell’s side eye 🤣. My husband gets so irritated!!! Lol like I can’t do it any quieter !!! Lol”

“You know he loves him some you. There’s nothing you can do that will truly irritate him. You’re too perfect 😩💛😘.. sidebar go Easy on the nails. I know they’re brittle girl.”

Ciara’s grooming video with her husband comes only a few days after their gender reveal announcement.

(From left to right): Sienna, Ciara, young Future and Russell Wilson (Photo: @ciara/Instagram)

The two revealed they were having a baby boy. They already share 2-year-old daughter Sienna Princess and Ciara’s 5-year-old son Future. The couple recorded the celebration on camera and were seen jumping around with joy after learning the good news.

Ciara recently shared her latest doctor visit with fans on April 16 and showed fans her ultrasound. She wrote at the time, “The life of a pregnant woman in Covid-19 Era is very interesting… Russ had to FaceTime me from the car for our Ultrasound ❤ We don’t hear to much about US during this time. Inviting all my pregnant women to chat with me and my doctor today on IG LIVE 2pm PST #WomensWednesday 🤰🏽

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