Some Good News: Jamaican Family Shares Experience Of Quarantine In Wuhan

A family of four from Jamaica living in Wuhan, China, an area that has seen devastating impacts on its residents due to the virus, shared an insightful video on how the experience has drawn them closer spiritually and as a family unit.


Andrew Holness, the prime minister of Jamaica tweeted the video with the following message on Monday:

“A Jamaican family living in Wuhan, China where the Coronavirus (Covid-19) was first discovered, had a message for us back home currently dealing with the outbreak. The family shared some useful tips; here’s their story.”


In the 7 minute video the Shirleys give a confronting message on how they are dealing with the mandatory lockdown and how it has brought them closer as a family.

“We want you to know that in spite of he worldwide pandemic there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope,” said mom Aileen.

Bevan, the dad, goes on to explain that they have been in lockdown for over 50 days, which first started out as a limited quarantine before the area became “ground zero.”

“In spite of that, we are healthy and we are giving God thanks and life has been good. So we want to share some of the strategies that have helped us to go through the this time and the strategies that are still helping us, and we hope they will help you,” Aileen said.

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Firstly, the family said they have limited their travel and if travel is a necessity, they wear surgical masks. They have also been “beefing up their immune systems with a brew consisting of ginger, honey, garlic, apple cider vinegar and oranges.

“We practice good hygiene and we wash our hands frequently whenever we come from outside and remind each other not to touch our face,” Bevan continued. He shared that by playing games and pouring out laughter, they have been able to occupy their time as well.

Their oldest son Cruise then breaks down the population demographics of China and how 83 percent of the total cases in the country have fully recovered, dismantling the nation that coronavirus is a death sentence.

“A lot of the chaos in China occurred in the early stages because there was not much knowledge about the virus because the hospitals were overwhelmed but now there’s a lot more information and the rate of recovery is skyrocketing,” he said.

But it was the youngest family member Chayse who took everyone to church.

“Well, this war will be won,” he began. “And it can be won if everyone plays their part and we can limit the spread by taking personal responsibility for safety and obeying the instructions that the government and authorities give us.”

The family also advocated against fake news, taking advantage of one another and upholding prejudices, but instead suggested personal reflection and strengthening of familial bonds.

“I think for one we have grown closer as a family unit,” said Aileen.

“We have grown closer to God individually and as a group,” Chayse said.

The Shirley’s said that more than ever they’ve experienced the kindness of strangers and thanked the Jamaican embassy and Jamaican advocate groups in China for their support.

“Pass on the love, but not the germs,” the family said together. “We are doing it and so can you. One love.”


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