Contemporary Art

Photoshop Goddess Symone Seven

Symone Seven is a digital artist and photomanipulation artists. What is remarkable about her portfolio is that not only does she share her incredible artwork but she also provides tutorials and process videos on how she creates these stunning pieces. Be sure to follow her on instagram and her website and…

Sir Idris Self-Taught Experimental Artist

These minimalist portraits by artist Sir Idris are exceptional We shared our favorite. If you love this artwork be sure to follow the artist and tell them @africandigitalart sent you. About Idris Habib A unique self-taught multi-disciplinary artist whose work culminates an obvious sense of culture, vibrant colors, bold contemporary flair…

The Art of Chuck Styles

Chucks styles is a multi-disciplinary artist based out of Philadelphia, USA. . As a young artist at the age of 6 Styles found comfort in art while surviving the dynamics of a complex blended family, 5 compelling siblings, and eroding house conditions. Styles was no stranger to poverty and struggle growing up….

Digital Artist Bria Corranda

Bria Corranda is a digital artist and illustrator, who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Learning from and watching her mom draw; Bria has been drawing since she was a child. Not really getting serious about being an artist until high school; where she entered the world of painting and…

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