The Cast Of Tyler Perry’s ‘Ruthless’ Discusses His Genius And Voice Behind The Show [Video]

The energy and excitement of everyone is high as the anticipation builds for the March 19 premiere of “Tyler Perry’s Ruthless,” airing on BET +.

EUR visited Viacom in Hollywood to chat with the cast of the upcoming show, including (Yvonne Senat Jones, Blue Kimble, Matt Cedeño, and Melissa L. Williams).

There isn’t much that Tyler Perry can touch that won’t turn to gold. With numerous box office and television series hits under his belt, his newest show, “Ruthless,” is sure to add to his collection of hits.

The series gained it’s a spin-off from its predecessor, “Oval,” which in part deals with Ruth (played by Melissa L. Williams), kidnapping her own daughter to join in a religious, cult-based following. When EUR’s Robin Ayers asked them about how they’re all feeling, Blue Kimble says,


“We May look cool, calm, and collected but we are exploding on the inside.”

Another explosion recently happened on the internet when Tyler Perry, who’s also known as one of the hardest working men in show business, made headlines for a post he made stating that he has no writers room and that he alone writes his work. To be expected, this was met with both praise and backlash but EUR gave the cast of Ruthless the opportunity to speak on their boss’s decision of being the sole voice behind their characters.

Yvonne Senat Jones says,

“He knows what he’s doing. He’s done it so well for so long and it always comes through.” She continues, “He says he will still give opportunities for other writers but at the same time he knows that people come for what he’s gifted to do, and that’s create people like us [characters].”

Matt Cedeño who is set to play the cult’s leader, “The Highest,” also spoke to Tyler’s leadership.

“Everything that he’s created and built, it’s always about giving back. I mean this guy has created 500,000 jobs.”

One sure way to tell that characters are written well is how the fans take to the storyline of a show. Melissa L. Williams stars as Ruth and talks about the reaction she has received from viewers of her character on “Oval”.


Melissa says, “People loved it. Tyler and I had a wonderful time creating Ruth. [Her appearance] was so short in “Oval”. It was just a quick ‘boop, here you go’. Let’s see how people respond and people loved/hated her.”

She continues, “At the end of the day, with his creative genius he has given us all jobs and opportunities to now expand on our acting resumes because I’ve never played a role like this.”

For more of what the cast shares, watch the video above and be sure to watch three episodes of Ruthless that are coming your way beginning March 19 on BET Plus.

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