Don Lemon Drags Trump For Saying Homeless People Are Dangerous Shooters

February 23, 2018 bcic_admin 0

Whenever Trump talks reckless, there are folks coming with the clapbacks! Don Lemon keeps proving himself to be one of the best, most recently taking Trump down for his comments about homeless people being mentally ill and dangerous.

Where do we begin with this ignorant madness about the homeless? This is what Trump said on Thursday:

“Part of the problem is we used to have mental institutions, and I said this yesterday,” Trump said, his arms crossed, during a meeting at the White House with state and local officials after the Parkland shooting tragedy. “…those [mental] institutions are largely closed because communities didn’t want them.”

Pause: several communities are not throwing out homeless people, as there many initiatives in many cities geared toward helping folks. This myth can’t be perpetuated!

Trump continued with more toxic comments: “You can’t put them in jail because he hasn’t done anything yet, but you know he is going to do something. So, whether it be talking seriously about opening mental health institutions again, in some cases reopening. I can tell you in New York, New York did a very, very bad thing when they closed our mental institutions, so many of them. You have these people living on the streets. And I can say that in many cases throughout the country, they’re very dangerous. They shouldn’t be there.”

Here’s how Lemon and most folks interpreted Trump’s comments: homeless people are mentally sick, dangerous and will somehow get guns to hurt people. WTF?

Lemon thought these statements were dumbfounded. “I’m glad [Trump] he brought that up,” Lemon, with a smirk on his face, said to New York Times columnist Frank Bruni on CNN. “The people living on the streets in New York City, guess what they don’t have access to?”

“Homes,” Bruni said.

“Homes and guns,” Lemon noted.

These statements by Trump are …read more

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‘George Zimmerman 2.0’ Guilty Of Black Man’s Murder Amid ‘Dangerous’ Stand Your Ground Fight

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A White neighborhood watchman was found guilty of first-degree murder Thursday in North Carolina for having fatally shot an unarmed Black man in August 2016, CBS reported.

It took a jury less than two hours to decide to publicly declare Chad Copley, 40, responsible for the premeditated death of Kouren-Rodney Thomas, 20. The verdict was surprising and unusual for cases involving Stand Your Ground laws and Black shooting victims, especially those drawing similarities to that of Trayvon Martin, who was killed by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, in 2012.

In case that drew comparisons to George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, North Carolina jury finds white neighborhood watch member Chad Copley – who complained of “hoodlums” – guilty of murder in the death of 20-year-old unarmed black youth Kouren Thomas.

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) February 23, 2018

Thomas was gunned down by Copley after he attended a party near the man’s home on August 7, 2016. Copley aid that he felt unsafe with “hoodlums” by his home, but on cross-examination, he admitted to escalating the situation. He confessed to lying to the 911 operator about several things, including being part of neighborhood watch and claiming that people were “racing up and down the street” and vandalizing the neighborhood. He also told a false story about having fired a warning shot, WNCN reported.

Copley’s sentencing hearing was set for Friday in the case that spotlights controversial Stand Your Ground laws, perceived as legal protections for those who use lethal force to defend themselves during a confrontation.

The North Carolina verdict comes after a talked-about Stand Your Ground bill breezed through the Utah house recently. Cases in several other states, including Iowa and Missouri, …read more

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Investing in our students to provide a better education for all

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At the Boston Public Schools, we believe that our budget is a values statement, reflecting our commitment to creating the best schools for all our students. Through the BPS budget, we prioritize investing in every individual learner throughout their academic career. We must ensure that all students — regardless of their race, native language, or immigration status — have equitable access to the supports they need to prepare them to succeed in college, career, and life. …read more

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Free and open to all

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Every year, the Boston Public Library presents the “Lowell Lecture Series,” a piece of programming established in 1836 to keep the public educated and informed. With this year’s theme, “Speaking Up, Speaking Out: Voices of Social Justice,” the series takes on a whole new life. BPL President David Leonard says the staff felt particularly passionate about the series this year given the volatile political times. They wanted to create a space for discussion and change. It shows. …read more

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BPS budget falls short of promise of quality education for all

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Every Boston school should offer its students a high-quality education, but the proposed school budget falls far short of that standard. While this budget has been better than in previous years, it still subscribes to a model of school funding that at its core doesn’t believe all schools deserve the same opportunities and resources. BPS has done better at providing support for soft landing funds for schools with declining enrollment and more investments in helping homeless students. However, the city needs to find revenue to make sure every school has what it needs to thrive rather than survive. …read more

Rep. John Lewis To Be Honored At Civil Rights Museum

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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The first time John Lewis traveled to Mississippi in 1961, he was arrested and jailed with other Freedom Riders, black and white, who challenged segregation in a bus station.

Lewis, who is African-American, remembers going into a restroom labeled for white men only. A Jackson police officer told him and other young people in the group to leave. They refused.

“The next words he said: ‘You’re under arrest.’ And that was my introduction to the state of Mississippi and the city of Jackson,” Lewis told The Associated Press on Thursday in a phone interview from Atlanta.

After 37 days of being locked up in sweltering local jails and a notorious state prison on the disorderly conduct charge, Lewis was released. He continued working for racial equality in Mississippi and across the South in the 1960s, and as chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, he helped organize the 1963 March on Washington. Georgia voters elected him as a Democrat to the U.S. House in 1986, and he remains in office.

Lewis, 78, returns to Mississippi on Friday, one of five people being honored for advancing civil rights.

A private group called Friends of Mississippi Civil Rights organized a gala Friday and symposium Saturday to celebrate the new Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Lewis’ jail mug shot hangs in a gallery at the museum with those of other Freedom Riders. He was scheduled to speak at the museum’s state-sponsored opening in December but canceled his appearance because Republican Gov. Phil Bryant invited President Donald Trump.

Lewis said Thursday that he has never met Trump but, “I felt that I couldn’t be there with him after he said some unbelievable things about individuals and about groups — whether it’s members of the African-American community or the Latino community or the Dreamers,” younger immigrants who …read more

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CNN’s Angela Rye Shuts Down Republican Over Gun Control

February 22, 2018 bcic_admin 0

When children are massacred because of a psycho with a militarized weapon, like an AR-15, for some reason that inspires Republicans to get extremely defensive about the second amendment. No one should be able to buy an AR-15, but in Florida it’s legal for an 18-year-old to purchase the weapon of war — even though you have to be 21 to buy a handgun. Furthermore, what do the mass shootings in Parkland, Las Vegas, Aurora and Sandy Hook have in common? The shootings were all done with an AR-15, which was banned up until 2004.

Angela Rye tried to talk to a Republican and NRA member SE Cupp on CNN. Of course, SE believes banning assault weapons would do nothing for gun violence, which is illogical considering every stat proves mass shootings and gun violence have skyrocketed since the expiration of the 2004 assault weapons ban. When CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Rye if President Donald Trump would do anything to prevent school shootings, she said, “I have yet to see him walk in a way that is supportive of policy that helps to shape American lives in any meaningful, positive way.” Cupp interrupted, “We just had a big tax cut. That they’re real happy with.”

Rye replied, “Some folks are real happy with it. Particularly very elitist rich folks are happy with it.”

“No, middle class,” Cupp responded.

“I just want to talk about gun control right now S.E.,” Rye said. Then, as if she was talking to a child, Cupp replied with, “I’m trying to not let you get ahead of yourself.”

This is when Angela had to shut her down, “Oh, I don’t need you to help me. I’m fully grown, I’m 38 years old, honey.” Rye then went on to explain how the NRA …read more

Tim Scott Blows Smoke With His Fake Advocacy Of Gun Control

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Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C.

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott hinted that he was firmly behind enacting tighter gun legislation in the wake of a deadly mass school shooting in Florida, but a closer look at his longstanding support for the Second Amendment suggests he’s merely playing politics.

The “Fix NICS” Act, a bipartisan bill I helped introduce last year, would revise the NICS system for firearm purchases, improve and enforce records reporting, and penalizes agencies who fail to comply w/ existing laws. You can read more here:

— Tim Scott (@SenatorTimScott) February 21, 2018

The lone Black GOP U.S. senator is one of the darlings of the National Rifle Association, which gave him an “A” rating. He received that high grade from the gun lobby for opposing more restrictive gun control laws, voting against banning high-capacity magazines, co-sponsoring the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, and supporting several other NRA positions in the senate.

Scott “speaks from the heart” in his defense of gun rights, said Chris W. Cox, chairman of the NRA’s political action committee. Cox added: “Tim backs up his commitment to our Second Amendment Rights with one of the strongest pro-gun and pro-freedom voting records in the Senate.”

Scott, like many others in the GOP, is largely expressing pseudo sympathy for the school shooting survivors while giving lip service about finding solutions. His so-called fix is a good first step, but would fail to stop potential mass shooters who can legitimately pass the background check.

Why is Scott shouting about his part in pushing this legislation? Perhaps it’s because he feels pressure from many folks in his home state. The background check system failed tragically when the White supremacist Dylann Roof …read more

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