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Up next for Dudley plan: a design workshop

November 23, 2017 bcic_admin 0

Since February 2016, Dudley Square has been the focus of one of the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s community planning initiatives, joining similar efforts in Jamaica Plain/Roxbury and South Boston (Dorchester Avenue). The next meeting — and the last for the 2017 calendar year — will be an urban design workshop on Monday, Nov. 27 from 5:30–8 at Central Boston Elder Services. …read more

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The House takes further steps to reform criminal justice system

November 23, 2017 bcic_admin 0

The Massachusetts House passed its own version of a criminal justice reform bill last week, which has entered into a house-senate conference committee to reconcile differences with the Senate bill. The House version includes decreased larceny theft thresholds, CORI reform and juvenile expungement reform, but left out justice reinvestment and some mandatory minimum repeals. …read more

Harassment Of Black University Of Hartford Student Was Not ‘Racist,’ Lawyer Says

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

A revolting incident involving former University of Hartford student Brianna Brochu harassing her Black roommate in October was not “racist,” a lawyer for the disgraced student said Tuesday.

“I think that when it’s all said and done, what you’re going to see is that there was nothing racist that motivated this,” Attorney Tom Stevens, who is representing Brochu, said outside a Hartford, Connecticut courthouse, where his client faced a state judge over the case, NBC News reported. “These were two students who were placed together … who didn’t like each other … and it escalated.”

Brochu, 18, was under intense fire over off-putting accusations that she systemically poisoned her African-American roommate, Chennel “Jazzy” Rowe. Brochu had allegedly smeared bodily fluids on Rowe’s belongings. She was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace, with hate crime charges being considered, the report says.

NAACP members, who gathered Tuesday outside the courthouse, demanded that prosecutors file felony hate crime charges against the teen, who is White.

Members of the NAACP at Hartford Superior Court pushing to have ex-UHart student Brianna Brochu charged with a hate crime after covering her roommate’s belongings with bodily fluids. #NBCCT @NBCConnecticut

— Alessandra Martinez (@AlessandraNBC) November 21, 2017

Investigators are examining additional information at the request of Rowe’s lawyer, Hartford State’s Attorney Gail Hardy said Tuesday. Decisions to add charges will be based on evidence and the law, she added.

Brochu admitted to authorities that she did put tampon blood on Rowe’s backpack and licked Rowe’s plate, fork and spoon. She denied more accusations, including spitting in Rowe’s coconut oil, authorities said.

Her Instagram posts about the incident were only created in an attempt to “appear funny” and the words that she wrote were not true, she …read more

On Thanksgiving, Family Hurt By Harvey Counts Its Blessings

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

HOUSTON (AP) — The kitchen where George and Arva Dorsey prepare an 18-dish feast every Thanksgiving has been stripped of everything but its granite countertops, standing on their own with no appliances below. The house they renovated and expanded over three decades has been gutted down to its wooden beams.

Almost three months after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, killing more than 80 people and damaging at least 200,000 homes, the Dorseys and other families are celebrating Thanksgiving however they can.

“We try to keep our head up, and we know that God is above all,” said Arva Dorsey, sitting next to her husband in the dining room where they would have served Thanksgiving dinner. “So many of the blessings have come through this disaster. We’re just grateful.”

George Dorsey said one possibility was the family — including some members from out of town — could spend Thursday with a friend. Or they might go to a local buffet-style restaurant for turkey and trimmings.

Some people are gathering at churches that have held large meals for people displaced by the storm and volunteers spending the holiday away from their families to help rebuild. Others will go to annual events like Houston’s “Super Feast,” where volunteers this year will hand out clothes and supplies along with turkey and stuffing.

Furniture store owner Jim McIngvale — a Houston icon known as “Mattress Mack” — is opening one of his Gallery Furniture locations for a feast that starts at 10 a.m. Thursday.

Ohio Man Coaxes 4-Year-Old Son To Call Elderly Neighbor The N-Word

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

A Cleveland man must now answer to a judge for his racial abuse campaign against his 70-year-old African-American neighbor, including teaching his 4-year-old son to call her the N-word, the

The woman told the police that she feared for her life and was “visibly shaken” when she reported a series of incidents, including threats to stab her over a three-month span, adding that she was “very hurt” when the man’s child used the racial slur at her.

Ohio man taught 4-year-old son to hurl N-word at black neighbor in months-long harassment campaign Keirian Kelly allegedly threatened to stab the black woman several times over the last three months at their downtown Cleveland apartment building

— Desdemona 🌎 (@greenery444) November 21, 2017

Keirian Kelly‘s racial terror campaign started in July when his elderly neighbor accidentally fell into Kelly’s wife in the lobby of their apartment building. The couple argued with the woman. Kelly’s wife moved on from the incident, but he continued to hold a grudge. On several occasions he called her the N-word and threatened to stab her. In one instance, he yelled in the lobby that he was going to stab the neighbor, which prompted a security guard to put him in handcuffs and call the police.

But the intimidation continued. The elderly neighbor reported that he yelled racial slurs at her from across the street in August, and he also spit on her. Kelly, 28, told her, “I’m gonna get you,” on another occasion, as he called her the N-word three times and later threatened to also kill her son. The police took action, finally arresting Kelly. They later charged him with ethnic intimidation, which is a fifth-degree felony. He’s expected to appear in court on Dec. 4 …read more

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Art Breathes Life

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

Ed Gaskin, executive director of Greater Grove Hall Main Streets, is actively fostering public art projects as a way to promote economic development in the area. As a result of over $70,000 in grant funding, Grove Hall is regularly producing murals, walking tours and streetlight banners. …read more

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The business of food

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

First piloted in Fall 2016, Food Biz 101 is an accelerator specially designed to address the nuts and bolts of starting a food-related business. Classes cover recipe scaling, cost of goods, labeling regulations, licensing and permitting as well as business practices such as public relations, marketing and entity formation. …read more

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UMass staff suffer consequences of school budget deficit

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

Staff union leaders at UMass Boston are preparing to challenge the school’s administration and board of trustees after dozens of employees were laid off as a way to address a budget deficit. Ongoing campus construction and renovations have contributed to UMass Boston’s multi-million dollar debt. It is estimated the layoffs will save the school $1.8 million, according to Barry Mills, UMass Boston interim chancellor. …read more

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Chinatown wants control of public parcel

November 22, 2017 bcic_admin 0

Members of the Boston Chinatown Resident Association and the Chinatown Community Land Trust are appealing to the Boston Planning and Development Agency to take back control of a public land parcel in their neighborhood. The city-owned land, named Parcel R-1, has been leased to Tufts Shared Services for decades, with the current lease expiring at the end of this year. …read more

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