Governor Baker’s “Dred Scott” Decision Type Statement & the MBTA!

The “Dred Scott Decision” happened during the slavery era of the mid 1850’s. Apparently a slave named Dred Scott fled to what appeared be a “free state” and he settled down into what he felt would be a life of freedom for the remaining years of his life. However, in an ironic turn of fate, the racist supreme court at the time ruled that no Afrikan/Black person was a citizen and therefore must retain the inhumane status of being a slave in bondage and subservient to their white masters. I am sure you are curious as to how the “Dred Scott Decision” related to the present day crisis of the long running Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority AKA MBTA and the above mentioned title of this entry. Well, in my estimation, the racially insensitive type ridicule that Governor elect Charles Baker heaped on MBTA General Manager, Ms. Beverly Scott was not only uncalled for, but insulting in nature. Baker declared that the service breakdown was “unacceptable.” A translation would be that Ms. Scott was not getting the job done to his satisfaction and he would be watching her performance from the ‘big house” on the hill. It was an insulting statement to make and lacked credibility as the recent snow storms we have experienced are of historic proportions. Once again, the Farmers Almanac has proven itself accurate as weekend after weekend we are being hit with storms that are leaving several inches of snow and ice. The streets of Boston are... Continue reading →

Boston Still Has Not Cleared The Olympic Hurdle Called Racism!!

In recent weeks it was announced that the Olympic Selection Committee had voted Boston as the national contender to host the Olympic Games in 2014. Boston will face tough competition as several countries on the international scene are also vying to be the final choice. The folks of “Boston Strong” are excited, but the question still remains as to what would be in it for the Afrikan/Black community in this city that is the “Hub” of racism in this country. The reality is that 2024 is over nine years away in the future, but who can forget the past and present legacy of racism in the City of Boston. Having full knowledge of the pre-busing racism that was and is the fabric of this city and then experiencing the 1970s busing violence itself, it would be hard for me and I am sure many others to get excited about some Olympic Games!! I know there are those who would contend that Boston is now a “different city.” I would beg to differ with that warped opinion. Boston is the same racist city with the only difference being in that it promotes a false positive image of openness and fairness. While this rhetoric is being declared, what is happening in the neighborhoods of the Afrikan/Black community is totally different. In the Afrikan/Black community you have by design, high unemployment, poor schools and a lack of appropriate neighborhood services while we are given constant “lip service!!!” We all know the old adage... Continue reading →

UPDATE: Boston Police Officer In Coma After Being Shot In The Face During Traffic Stop, Expected To Recover

A Boston cop was shot in the face during a traffic stop last night.

After Officer John Moynihan pulled over “suspected gang members,” a gun fight occurred, leaving him in a coma and the shooter dead.

Daily Mail reports:

Officer John Moynihan, 34, was attacked when he pulled over suspected gang members in Boston, Massachusetts, on Friday evening.

The suspect, identified as 41-year-old Angelo West, was shot dead by other officers at the scene in Boston on Friday evening after he opened fire. A female bystander was shot in the arm.

The city's police commissioner William Evans told the press that Moynihan is expected to recover. Moynihan, who was shot just below his eye, was given a medal of bravery for his involvement in a shootout with the Boston Bombing suspects back in 2013.

We pray for Moynihan's recovery.


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Federal Judge Says New Jersey School Can Fire Security Guard Over Discriminatory Facebook Post

A federal judge declared that a New Jersey school district has the right to terminate a security guard who shared discriminatory content on his Facebook page, describing two suspects accused of killing a police officer as “black thugs” and suggesting white people riot against them.

WPXI reports:

U.S. District Judge Joseph Irenas ruled Thursday that Mary Czaplinski is not likely to win a lawsuit against the Vineland Public Schools asserting that the district violated her freedom of speech.

The security guard is hoping to get monetary damages from the school district. The site continues:

The guard was fired earlier this month for conduct unbecoming a public employee after a post about the shooting in Philadelphia. She also wrote that she was “praying hard” for the slain police officer, who was black. Her lawyer says she made a series of posts about the slaying when she was off work and at home.

The judge believes the security guard's statements prevent her from fulfilling her daily tasks as a security guard.


Boston Police Officer Shot In Roxbury, Suspect Killed, Scene Tense [VIDEO]

A Boston police officer was shot and remains in a medically induced coma after he was shot in the Roxbury section of the city on Friday night. The man accused of shooting him was shot dead by police, after police say that he opened fire on the officer at a traffic stop, reports

The suspect in the shooting has been identified as Angelo West, 41, who was shot and killed around 6:40 pm. West's body remained in the street where a crowd gathered until it was removed around 11:30 pm, according to the Bay State Examiner.

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a press conference that West had previously been convicted in another shooting involving police officers. Evans also said there is video of last night's shooting incident, according to the Examiner.

The officer who was shot has been identified as John T. Moynihan, 34, who was taken to Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound just under his right eye. Commissioner Evans described Moynihan's condition as “critical.”

Predictably, the scene in Roxbury was tense after the officer was shot, first evident on Twitter with the trending hashtag #Roxbury, with residents saying the police were out in full force.

The Boston Globe reports that “A brief scuffle broke out at the scene about 9:30 p.m., when a group that appeared to be upset over the shooting began shouting and swearing at police. Shoving broke out as police moved the yellow tape back.” more

TSA Agrees To Stop Racially Profiling Black Women’s Hair

After official complaints from two black women who said they were racially profiled by their “sisterlocks” hair styles, the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) on Thursday agreed to stop singling out women for screening based on the style, and says it will conduct anti-discrimination training sessions for its agents, reports Reuters.

Last year, Sacramento-based neuroscientist Malaika Singleton said she was checked at Los Angeles International Airport on her way to London when TSA agents began “pulling and squeezing her hair.” She said the same thing happened to her on the way back home, this time through the Minneapolis airport.

“I was going through the screening procedures like we all do, and after I stepped out of the full body scanner, the agent said, ‘OK, now I'm going to check your hair,'” Singleton said on Thursday, reports Reuters.

Singelton contacted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and it turned out that one of its lawyers, a black woman named Novella Coleman—who also wears her hair in the same style as Singleton—had the same experience.

Reuters reports that Coleman had already filed a complaint with the TSA in 2012, but got no results. However, Coleman filed another complaint and incorporated Singleton's experience, and on Thursday the two women said that the agency agreed to conduct anti-discrimination training sessions with its officers. more

Former University Of Mississippi Student Charged With Hanging A Noose On Statute Of First Black Student

The Department of Justice announced on Friday, a former University of Mississippi student was indicted on federal civil rights charges for allegedly hanging a noose and a Confederate flag around the statue of the university's first black student, James Meredith. NBC affiliate WTVA is reporting Graeme Phillip Harris, an ex-student of the university was charged by a grand jury on one count of conspiracy to violate civil rights and one count of using a threat of force to intimidate African American students because of their race or color.

In the early hours on Feb. 16, 2014, Harris, along with a small group of white students hung a noose and an old version of the Georgia state flag which incorporated the Confederate flag around the statute of Meredith, the first black student who attended the university after it was desegregated in 1962. Harris, who is from Alpharetta, Ga, was a student of Ole Miss and member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity when the incident took place. Soon afterwards, the fraternity was suspended and was closed by the national headquarters, and expelled three members a week after the vile event occurred. Harris withdrew from the university quickly after the incident. more

Are You A Conscious Consumer? Nielsen Examines The Spending Power Of Black Super Consumers

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According to a new report by Nielsen titled “The Making of a Multicultural Super Consumer,” “Multicultural consumers are rapidly becoming the core of the U.S. population and African-American, Asian American and Latino consumers are emerging as a major consumer force in the country.”

These “Multicultural consumers” make up 38 percent of the U.S. population, account for $3.4 trillion in buying power, and 78 percent of these individuals care about their cultural identity.

The Nielsen report also states:

“As the numbers of multicultural consumers continue to grow, so too will their purchasing power. Already, U.S. multicultural buying power is growing at an exponential rate compared to the total U.S., increasing from $661 billion in 1990 to $3.4 trillion in 2014. This is more than double the growth of total U.S. buying power.”

On Tuesday, Cheryl Pearson-McNeil, SVP U.S. Strategic Community Alliances and Consumer Engagement at Nielsen, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the projected influence of the multicultural consumer, as well as the development of conscious consumers.

McNeil told Martin, “Super consumers are representative of 10 percent of households who are really diving 30 percent of all sales, 40 percent of growth, and 50 percent of profit for a given category.”

Out of the nearly 150 categories currently being tracked, multicultural consumers “drive” their sales, growth, and profits. more

Oprah’s Not-So-Favorite Things Are Heading To The Auction Block In April

Oprah is looking to get rid of some of her least favorite things during an auction next month.

As we previously reported, the media mogul has decided to move Harpo Studios to sunny L.A. and won't be needing items like her bookcase, trash can, home dentist set, and yellow Louboutins anymore. Many of the items she's looking to auction off also come from her Water Tower Condo apartment, including paintings and antique clocks.

The 460 items are currently available to view before the auction takes place on April 25, at 10:00 a.m. Proceeds will go to Oprah's South African girls academy.

Here are some takeaways from the very long list of items left behind in Chi-town:

Oprah's Not-So-Favorite Things Headed To Auction Block In April

— (@Chicagoist) March 17, 2015

The Little Mother by Hovsep Pushman | Estimate $ 35,000-45,000

Oprah plans to auction contents of Water Tower condo: End tables, paintings and more!

— RedEye Chicago (@redeyechicago) March 17, 2015

Austrian Giltwood Cartel Clock | Estimate $ 2,000-4,000

Oprah is selling items from her Water Tower condo at a public auction next month…take a peek more

EXCLUSIVE: UVA Students Gear Up To Present List Of Demands As Martese Johnson’s Case Continues

Source: (Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

On Thursday, the 20-year-old University of Virginia student who was injured in a violent arrest at the hands of state Alcoholic Beverage Control officers appeared in court for the first time since the March 18th incident.

Martese Johnson, a third-year Italian and media studies major, appeared alongside his lawyer, Daniel Watkins, and entered no plea to charges stemming from the arrest reportedly sparked by a discrepancy over the zip code on Johnson's valid identification card. The use of force by ABC officers, seen in a video circulated on the internet the following day, caused a gash on the honor student's head that required 10 stitches.

Although he was expected to enter a not guilty plea, the prosecution asked for a continuance. Johnson, whose wound was still visible when he appeared for the 90-second court hearing, and Watkins agreed that his next appearance would be May 28 — a date by which attorneys hope the Virginia State Police investigation will conclude.

About one hundred of Johnson's supporters showed up to the Charlottesville District Court Thursday, many of whom belong to the Black Student Alliance (BSA). Joy Omenyi, president of BSA and a fourth year African-American and African Studies major, told NewsOne that in the wake Johnson's “traumatic” experience, the students are gearing up to release a list of demands they hope to present to the university to prompt real change.

“We all recognized that we had issues long before Martese was brutalized,” Omenyi said. “That's something we have to keep in mind as we put together these action items and these recommendations we plan to implement.”

“We want to create a culture of truth at this university and feel that when more

Massive HIV Epidemic Prompts Indiana Governor To Declare Public Health Emergency

South Indiana is under major pressure to create a medical safety blanket after it was revealed Gov. Mike Pence would declare a health emergency over the growing cases of HIV in the area.

Excessive amounts of drug use have aided the increase in HIV and AIDS viruses, according to the Indy Star. Oxymorphone – or Opana – has become the popular drug of choice.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Pence was weary of introducing a needle exchange program in Scott County, but approved a temporary one to fight the epidemic. Since placing the area under a public health emergency, there have been a total of 79 new cases of HIV.

Pence was part of a three-hour hearing the same day to pass an emergency amendment to allow needle exchange programs. While others were on board for the program, Pence didn't believe it would be effective in stopping the epidemic. more

Cops Gone Wild: Detroit Police Officers Beat Black Man After He Ran A Traffic Sign

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Another disturbing video of police violence shows Detroit officers beating an African-American man during a traffic stop after he ran a red light on January 28.

When 57-year-old Floyd Dent was pulled over, officers yanked him out of the car with guns drawn and started to beat him. One officer even placed Dent in a chokehold. Dent was hit in the head at least 16 times while another officer tried to handcuff him. Another officer hit Dent with a Taser three times. By the end of this horrific ordeal, a total of five police officers were on the scene.

On Thursday, Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now Straight Talk panel reviewed the shocking video footage during the show's live broadcast on TV One. more