Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Defends Decision to Get Haircut Amid Coronavirus Crisis [VIDEO]

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has defended her decision to get her hair cut while the rest of the city is under a stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lightfoot is facing backlash after she violated her own quarantine advice over the weekend to go to a hair salon, and her stylist spilled the tea on social media.

The mayor said the haircut was mandatory because she is the “public face of this city”.

“I’m on national media and I’m out in the public eye,” she responded to a reporter. “I take my personal hygiene very seriously. As I said, I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I’m not able to do that myself, so I got a haircut. You want to talk more about that?”

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The controversy began on Sunday after a woman posted photos on Facebook saying she “had the pleasure of giving Mayor Lightfoot a hair trim.”

Lightfoot noted that she is “practicing what I’m preaching” as the hair stylist wore a mask and gloves.

“I think what really people want to talk about is, we’re talking about people dying here. We’re talking about significant health disparities. I think that’s what people care most about,” the mayor continued.

The mayor followed up with a humorous video posted to Twitter, in which Lightfoot tells a friend on the phone that “Getting your roots done is not essential.

Watch Mayor Lightfoot defend her haircut in the clip above.

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