Coronavirus Safety Tips and Suggestions To Get You Through This Crisis

Written By: Zainaib Karimu

In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, I would like to go over some tips and suggestions to help people who are either panicking or in distress over the global crisis that we are currently facing at the moment.

As we all know, it is only rational and more importantly expected that people are afraid. We are hearing story after story about how the people who are coming into contact with the virus are being affected by it in different ways. It’s only natural for people to want to find easy and safe solutions in order to protect both themselves and their loved ones. So here are five easy ways that you can stay safe during the pandemic.

1. Don’t be afraid to push your limits when it comes to staying safe outside. 

Rock masks all day every day if it means that you’re protecting both yourself and everyone else around you. However, if you are recommended to stay home by the professionals then please stay home.

2. Figure out a way to change your hygiene habits.

If there is a way that professionals recommend that you should wash your hands, please take note of it and then apply it to your daily routine. By doing this, you are not only saving yourself by taking this procedure seriously, but you are also making sure you are properly clean in both public and private areas.

3. Don’t believe anything being said unless it is stated by medical professionals.

Don’t feed into the bullshit and the rumors about the virus, eg. Black people not being able to contract the disease, this is a hoax, you don’t need to get checked, or that it will go away on it is own, etc. When you allow yourself to listen to those kinds of things, it creates even more unnecessary anxiety in a person and nobody needs that right now.

4. Allow yourself to feel and react but don’t overwhelm yourself to the point of exhaustion and depression.

While Covid-19 is indeed serious, pandemics aren’t a rarity and they do happen. In fact, they happen a lot. It’s alright to question what the heck is going on, but always understand that while some things are beyond your control in the situation, how you react to it isn’t. Always try and remain calm in serious situations where you don’t have all of the answers. No one ever has the answers when a crisis like this occurs — but the best thing that we can all do is pray, remain calm and listen to what the professionals have to say.

5. Understand that it is alright to let go and breathe.

Times like this can be stressful on the mind, body, and soul. It is alright to take a break, relax and pretend like nothing is happening in the world.

It is alright if you feel unsure or you just feel confused by what is happening around you. However, healthy thoughts and healthy mindsets can ease your fears in general.  Your mental health during this time is far more important than anything else in the world. Always be sure to check in on your friends and family as much as you can. Situations like these allow us to see what’s important in life. Always remember to focus on yourself and continue to do things that make you happy. Happiness is the best medicine during times like this.

The Coronavirus has taught so many lessons in life, the biggest lesson, however, is that we should never put our freedom in front of our mental health, well-being, and sanity because without those things we don’t have any freedom at all whatsoever. By trivializing this crisis, you are compromising your freedom. We need to follow certain rules in order to win back our freedom and happiness. This whole situation is a wake-up call the entire world needed.

Many people including those directly and not directly impacted by the virus are revaluating their life and life goals. It is quite evident that this pandemic is bound to have a huge effect on people for a long time in various ways in accordance with different situations.

This pandemic isn’t a joke at all whatsoever, therefore people shouldn’t be receiving it as such, this includes Generation Z. The way that younger folks who are twenty-three and under, react to this incident, will demonstrate just how serious they take their lives after University and College because, this pandemic affects them just as much as it does millennials, generation X and the baby boomer generation. Every generation has their moment and their situation, this is one of the few moments that will forever impact how Generation Z is perceived by the rest of society and how they will grow up.

Every situation allows people to mature and grow up, let this be your moment Generation Z. Take the initiative by listening to professionals on how to properly social distance from a safe distance while having fun with your friends. There apps on phones such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Snapchat, IG Direct Messaging, Facebook Messaging, and Facebook Video Messaging, etc. The list is endless for how you can still chat and chill with your friends at the risk of no one’s health being compromised.

The truth is sometimes life throws things in your way. You have to be the one to say “Hey, it is all good. I got this on lock.” Keep on living your dope life in a much safer and effective way for the time being while you are in the situation that you are in. Just remember to always check in with the news with in order to stay in with what is current. This is only essential in those situations where you have to let go and let be.

Stay healthy everyone.

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