Entitled White Woman Loses Her Entire Mind on Lyft Driver Who Refused To Wait Additional 15 Minutes for Her — Then Refused to Exit His Car

Yet another irate white woman went viral after she directed
a racist tirade at a Lyft driver who did not want to work without being
properly compensated.

The unidentified woman pitched a fit from the back seat of the vehicle as a young child looked on. Apparently, she was upset because he did not want to wait 15 minutes at a stop on the route.

Meanwhile, the driver never lost his cool and calmly spoke to the woman as she shouted expletives and insults.

“You’re disgusting. 15 minutes? I’ve had people wait longer,”
the woman shouted.

“That’s other people though,” the driver replied.

The woman refused to leave the car and the man simply stated,
“Thank you, have a good day. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“No! F**k you. I’m here to pick up my kid and you’re making
it more difficult on me. So f**k you,” she said while shooting the bird.

After calling him a “f**king horrible Lyft driver” and a “horrible
f**king person,” the man still didn’t raise his voice.

The woman continued ranting at the Black driver, and eventually, her racism jumped out.

“I hope you go back to wherever the f**k you came from,” she
yelled. “We don’t deserve people like you here.”

The woman must have realized she said something offensive, because she followed up with “I’ve never said that to anybody in my life.”

She kept going and told the driver she would not leave until
she called another car, which was 8 minutes away. The video cut off after the man
told the woman he was going to flag down a police officer.

The video circulated on social media and garnered thousands of views. A repost on Facebook from Occupy Democrats got more than 6800 alone. It also drew criticism from outraged viewers and praise for the civilized driver.

“Wow! As a proud Lyft driver this is a horrible situation
for this man,” wrote one man. “Sadly this kid had to endure his mother’s
psychotic behavior. And to this great Lyft driver keep up the good work.”

“So typical!! And I bet when she gets in the other Lyft,
she’ll cry and say that she felt victimized,” noted another.

“When she said I wish you would go back to the f-ck where you came from,” said another commenter, “I would have drove her ass back to where I picked her up at and said were here.”

The customer and the Lyft driver have not been identified, but Lyft got wind of the video and seemed interested in investigating the matter.

“Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community,” the company tweeted. “We’d like to follow up with you regarding this video and ask that you DM us with any additional details regarding this experience.”

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