Former NFL Player Chris Johnson Denies Claim He Hired Hitman for Revenge Killing

Former Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson has slammed a TMZ report claiming that he paid a hitman to kill two men in 2016.

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Johnson hired Dominic Bolden, a Florida gang member, to kill the two men who were suspected of shooting Johnson in 2015 in Orlando, Florida.


Johnson suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder while riding in a Jeep that was fired upon, Gossip On This reports. The driver, Johnson’s friend Dreekius Johnson, was shot in the head and did not survive what officials believe was a “gang related murder attempt on Chris Johnson,” according to the report.

Shortly after the shooting, Johnson took to social media with a message for his attackers: “I HEARD YOU P***IES LOOKIN 4 me,” the post read. “WE GOT something in common….f**k YA!!!! #juice.”

At the time, he also denied that he was seeking revenge, saying, “I don’t live that life.”

Investigators claim an informant told them that Bolden shot and killed two men believed to be the ones who killed Johnson’s friend.

In exchange for the alleged murder for hire, Johnson gave Bolden “funds and an individual who could continually supply Dominic Bolden with as much narcotics as needed to supply” the day-to-day operations of a Florida drug organization.

However, his representatives says that there is “no validity to any of these accusations.”

On Thursday, Johnson called the allegations “false news,” he wrote on Twitter.

Johnson was selected by the Titans in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. After six seasons with the team, he went on to play for the New York Jets in 2014 and spent the next three seasons with the Arizona Cardinals.

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