Megan Thee Stallion Wasn’t A Fan of the Ending to ‘Death Note’

If you missed it live, you can catch the replay on Instagram of Megan Thee Stallion talking anime with Crunchyroll host Tim Lyu.

The famed rapper ranted and raved about her anime favorites on Instagram Live. She was wearing a black Aggretsuko shirt, showing off her love of powerful anime characters right away. 

Her first anime was “Inuyasha” saying: 

“I started watching it on Adult Swim. I couldn’t really appreciate it [anime] when I was a kid. I would watch ‘Inuyasha’ all the time…he was a badass and a real softie for his women (but I didn’t appreciate that he went back and forth between women).” [In the anime series, Inuyasha is famously swayed between Kagome and Kikyo]

When talking about what makes anime special:

“Being an adult and watching anime, I really like the storylines. You see a character who might not be the strongest. You grow with that the character…you meet new people along the way as they try to be the hero / become the person they need to be.”

The last anime she watched: 

“Last anime that I finished was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure; I was on the one with Jotaro. I just started watching Blood Lad, and Black Clover.”

On how anime has influenced her music, Megan shared that Dragon Ball Z has been referenced in one of her freestyles, and she has music coming up with anime references. Anime can also be seen in her performances onstage through her outfits and hairstyles. 

Megan mentioned that her anime crush was Ban from Seven Deadly Sins mentioning “I like guys with attitude, guys with fire.”

The best thing about main characters in anime “Once the main character has a love interest, they go so hard! They would do anything for their lady. They would fight for her no matter what!”

On anime that helps her get hyped 

“Definitely My Hero Academia….seeing Midoriya’s progression. He sees the good in everyone! I love Todoroki’s look and attitude, but Deku really inspires me”

On a character that inspires her: 

“Naruto is a character that really resonates with me because he was going against his whole village, no one liked him – and he was committed to being the number one. That’s me! I am going to keep training. People can’t hate on him”

Megan also shared that she never really got into Sailor Moon, saying “Every time there’s a fight, her boyfriend comes to save the day.”

Megan also shared that she wasn’t a huge fan of the end of Death Note but she loved the show’s opening theme.

Other anime recommendations from Megan include: Soul Eater, Assassination Classroom, Highschool of the Dead, Blue Exorcist and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Megan also revealed that she’s never been to an anime convention before saying, “I have not, but you best believe, when we can go back outside, I’ll be going to one!” and Crunchyroll host Tim Lyu invited her to check out Crunchyroll Expo, Crunchyroll’s owned anime convention, coming later this year. 

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